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The Show Is About To Begin With The Story Of Dollhouse

The Show Is About To Begin With The Story Of Dollhouse


A new story trailer for Dollhouse is here to try to explain what is going on in the twisted world we will be in for Dollhouse

More of the story for Dollhouse is getting out there now as we still wait for its release date for the PS4 and PC. I have a feeling that Creazn Studio is still working hard on getting that locked in as it is still unclear what is going on in the world of the game and maybe they need more time to get it all finalized. Even with the new story bit we have here for Dollhouse it is a bit unclear, but we will dive into it anyway. It at least looks like a creepy little walking/puzzle game where we will have to deal with some kind of mental issue. Maybe? It is hard to tell at this point still…

As you can see below, the trailer itself does not give us much in way of what is going on in Dollhouse outside of needing to “Survive.” It is a core theme and message that plays over and over here but there is supposed to be more to it. Like the fact that Marie, the protagonist, was known as the greatest detective in the world but is now suffering from amnesia. All she remembers is she lost her daughter and she wants to remember more. To do so, she will have to navigate the titular Dollhouse and all of its hidden secrets. Also, there is something to do with different personas she has… It is as weird as the trailer you are about to see.

Dollhouse — Story Trailer

Welcome to the twisted world of Dollhouse. In the singleplayer story mode, players assume the identity of the mysterious Marie. Once she was known as “The Greatest Detective in the World”, but now she is suffering from amnesia and desperately trying to get her memories back. All she remembers is that on a catastrophic night, her daughter Emily has died.

Marie is trapped inside the sinister Dollhouse, where the doors are locked, clocks stopped, and journals hidden. To escape, she has to sift through the ashes of reality to recover the charred remains of her memories and find out what happened to Emily. She has to be wary though, because something disturbing and dark is watching her from the shadows. Conflicted by the different personas in her mind, every decision she makes is essential to survival.

Do you have any new thoughts on Dollhouse now that we kind of have a story to go on here? Do you see any of the text playing through in the trailer itself or are they both separate things for us to understand? Do you think it will have better context when we are actually playing the game or will it be confusing just as we see here? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts. When I see more for Dollhouse, I will share it all here for you. Be sure to stay around the site so you can see that as is all comes.

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