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Vicious Animals, Crazy Characters, & Co-Op Hijinks Are Abound In Far Cry 5

Vicious Animals, Crazy Characters, & Co-Op Hijinks Are Abound In Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

A new look at Far Cry 5 is here and this one gives us some fun insights on what to expect for Far Cry 5’s Co-Op as well as other inhabitants we will come across

More footage of Far Cry 5 has found its way out there and this time we have more of the ecology of the game to look at as well as some fun anecdotes on how Co-Op has handled for some of the team from Ubisoft so far. Of course, this is based on their experiences which will be more or less ideal and not how the rest of the gaming community will experience, it but that does not change the other items we have to see and hear here. Yes, this is another promotional video for Far Cry 5 and is a bit light on the stats and mechanics of the game, but as we will see the game hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 27th and have seen so much already, it is a nice little distraction of sorts. At least that is how it feels.

There are a few fun things to note here in though for Far Cry 5 and not see it all as only promotional. Like the fact that we will have roughly four times the number of “named” NPCs out there to interact with or that the team has taken their time to make sure we get to see and experience more wildlife than the basics. Even if that is not your jam in a game like Far Cry 5, it is nice to know that they took the time to make sure they captured the little things to make the world feel bigger and closer to reality. Even though I am sure there will be a lot of players out there hunting down rogue wolverines and the like now that they know they will be in the game for certain.

Far Cry 5 — Vicious Wildlife, A Crazy Cast Of Characters, And Co-Op Hijinks

Step aside, honey badger, there’s a new demon creature in town. See the developers of Far Cry 5 impersonate their most feared wildlife, hear tales of their co-op adventures, and learn why they can’t predict what will happen to you in Hope County.

Do you enjoy these little things or do you just want more gameplay for Far Cry 5 to take in and ignore all of the banter Ubisoft has given too? How do you feel about there being roughly four times the number of interactive NPCs or is that a fluffed up number and we will most only deal with the usual amount? Will you be hunting down all of the wildlife in the game or will it stay in the background for you as you hunt down the cult? Let us have those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Far Cry 5, you know where to be. Also stick around here as we will keep our coverage coming for the game as well.

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