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47 Is Going A Little More On The Freelance Side In HITMAN Freelancer

47 Is Going A Little More On The Freelance Side In HITMAN Freelancer

HITMAN Freelancer

A new update for HITMAN is on the way to offer up all manner of new challenges with HITMAN Freelancer

The World of Assassination is going to be getting a little harder to navigate on January 26th with the release of HITMAN Freelancer. This is not a full new game we are just finding out about but a new mode that IO Interactive has been toiling away on for everyone that owns the game. Well, the trilogy of HITMAN games as of late with the shift from numbering them to bringing them all under one roof on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. No matter the naming of it all, this new update is on the way to you if you have it and will give us all one more reason to head back into the World of Assassination all over again.

As the title of the mode suggests, it will have Agent 47 going out on his own in the HITMAN missions. With no handler, that means he will have to do all of the mission prep and management of resources along the way. All of these will be randomized at the start of the mission line, so if we do not do our own due diligence in the missions, we could find certain objectives impossible to complete. Not to mention that some of the kills will not be triggered as they normally do during the story versions of them. All to add a bit more of a challenge and see why it is best for us to have a handler in the HITMAN line and not just go all willy nilly out there for every contract. Also, it will give us a truly hard mode to explore and keep the IP running just a little longer as we wait for more content to flow out there.

HITMAN Freelancer – Launch Trailer

Join IO Interactive for the official mission briefing cinematic of HITMAN Freelancer, a new game mode available for all HITMAN World Of Assassination owners on January 26.

Get a sneak peek into the world of international crime syndicates and learn about the setting and objectives of your mission. This time, a little more footwork is needed.

Don’t miss out on this whole new way of playing HITMAN.

Are you excited to see what this new mode will bring to the HITMAN line or will it be too difficult for you to go through the motions? How often do you think we will find objectives that we cannot complete and will that become too annoying along the way for it all? Will this be the last major update for the title or could we see something else coming down the barrel of the gun for it? Feel free to comment and discuss it all in the comment section below. For more on HITMAN Freelancer and the IP in general, keep checking in here for all of the mission briefs. We will do what we can to keep you as up-to-date on everything as we can.

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