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A Glimmer Of Hope Is Here In The Otherwise Grim World Of Endzone: A World Apart

A Glimmer Of Hope Is Here In The Otherwise Grim World Of Endzone: A World Apart

Endzone: A World Apart

A new update for Endzone: A World Apart is here to show how we will still have electricity in the world but it could come at some cost in the mix of Endzone

With all of the harshness we have seen in the world of Endzone: A World Apart, it would be nice to see that we are going to have some luxuries or niceties in the mix. The survivors in the game’s world would need something to actually live for besides just going through the motions. This is why we are back yet again with a new update out of Gentlymad Studios to show that they will at least have some electricity in the mix of it all. Something to keep the lights on in Endzone and keep the work going. Also, something to keep the morale high in the citizens as they toil away from day to day.

Okay, I have made it sound a lot fancier than it actually is, as this is just another resource we are going to have to manage in the mix of things in Endzone. We will have to set up solar collectors and batteries to store the energy along with setting up an energy grid for everyone to use. There will be a bit more to it than just stringing lights as power consumption can cause issues all over and you may have to disable building to get things under control. That and since Endzone: A World Apart has a day/night cycle, we will only be able to collect the resource half of the time. Just make sure you have enough stored to keep the light on at night.

Endzone: A World Apart — Electricity

The new trailer introduces Endzone’s Solar Collector, a marvelous piece of technology that produces solar energy used to power buildings connected to the electrical network. Power lines also serve as a simple way to provide energy to a settlement, ultimately forming a powerful and resilient electrical grid. However, one must exercise caution when extending a power grid — too many connecting buildings can overload the grid and cause a disastrous blackout, leaving the most vulnerable settlers without power.

Since Solar Collectors only generate electricity with available daylight, it is vital to store energy in batteries that will come in handy during a proverbial rainy day. Batteries allow the colony to store surplus energy during the daytime to feed back into the network at night, ensuring a steady power supply to each building in the settlement, even after night falls. After all, a warm home during a cold, bleak night after the fall of civilization may just be the only glimmer of hope in an otherwise grim world.

Is this about what you were expecting to come to Endzone in terms of another resource to manage in the settlement? Do you think we will see something worse than power outages in the game or will that be the biggest drawback to it all? Will you be aiming to set up all of the batteries out there to make sure you are always on or will you be aiming to go a different path in the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. For more on Endzone: A World Apart, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep it all coming to you as best as we can.

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