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Amnesia: Rebirth Will Use Our Fear In So Many Different Ways

Amnesia: Rebirth Will Use Our Fear In So Many Different Ways

Amnesia: Rebirth

New gameplay for Amnesia: Rebirth is here to show off how the fear mechanics have evolved in Amnesia

Only a few days before we can dive into the horrors that Amnesia: Rebirth has for us all. October 20th is coming and Frictional Games is shaping things up to keep as much hidden from us so we can go in blind, but that does not mean we do not have new gameplay to experience. Granted, all of this is by design for Amnesia: Rebirth here as they are trying to keep things secret for us on our first play. My guess is that it is to keep us all afraid just as much as the character we will be playing as. More so given that fear will be playing a larger part in this one yet again.

If you want to go into Amnesia: Rebirth as blind as you can, then I would say skip the video here as it is a nice big section of gameplay to have. Especially when the bigger takeaways will be that we will have to navigate darkness and shadows with light in the game. Not doing so will raise up your fear and dread for the character. Something that will cause things to happen in the game to throw us off and possibly cause issues in the final parts of the game. Especially since it sounds like not managing fear in Amnesia could lead to the loss of a character in the story. That and maybe the end of it all. Interesting to know and it would be interesting to see if we need to give in or fight off to keep them around.

Amnesia: Rebirth — Developer Gameplay Walkthrough

Let’s play Amnesia: Rebirth! The horror masters at Frictional Games shed light on the sequel’s tense gameplay. Coming to PS4 and PC October 20.

Are you mentally ready for Amnesia: Rebirth to hit us on the PS4 and PC or will you be too scared to play it all? Do you think we will need to give in to our fear to help the story or will it always be fighting it all off in general? Is it weird to see how fast the light and matches burn out in the game or does it make sense here? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all here. If you are looking for more on Amnesia: Rebirth, be sure to keep checking back here. We will keep it coming and as spoiler-free as possible.

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