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Another Film Game Coming For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Another Film Game Coming For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

First let’s start with the groans of “A film-based movie for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Then let’s remember how not too horrible The Amazing Spider-Man film-based game was. In fact I rather enjoyed it more than I thought and I think that was part and partial to the game being in development longer than most film tie in games. It looks like this could be in the same boat.

If you look below we have the announcement trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game that is set to launch alongside the film of the same name. That is almost nine months away still and it looks like this project has been in full swing, pun intended, for a while as well. If you put the time together it all adds up to a decent amount of development time and not the usual couple months as most horrid film based video games get. So there is at least that.

Outside of the trailer there is also the talk about the new Hero or Menace mode being cooked up for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The word on this system is kind of like the morality system used in other titles except it sounds a bit tied into the origin story of Spider-Man. At least the whole “It’s not my problem” mentality thing where if you allow for the villains and criminals to keep getting away, bad things will happen. No word on what, but it sounds fitting for the character and franchise.

I am sure we will hear more soon about when in the story line this game will take place and how close to the film’s story it will be, but these are all the details let loose so far. We’ll keep an ear out and keep you up to date as we get more info. As for now, enjoy the announcement trailer.