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Another New Title Has Been Announced For The PS4; Without Memory

Another New Title Has Been Announced For The PS4; Without Memory

Without Memory

Developer Dinosaurum Games has announced their next title for the PS4 called Without Memory and uses the Unreal Engine 4

There have been a lot of game announcements recently just days before the kickoff of E3 and here we go with another one with Without Memory. This is coming from Dinosaurum Games exclusively on the PS4 and using the Unreal Engine 4 sometime in Q2 2016. Yea, that is a ways off but it has been at least announced and sounds rather ambitious for what looks like the studio’s first title. Here’s what we have been told thus far outside of the exclusivity.

In Without Memory we will be taking on the role of Anna a young woman who awakes in the woods with no memory of anything. I am guessing from there it is up to us to help guide here through the game’s world to find out what happened. Along the way the choices and actions we take will also change the narrative sounding a lot like Heavy Rain but on steroids.

Speaking on that, it has also been stated that Without Memory will also aim to have a similar style to QTE as well as ground breaking visuals and motion capture to make Heavy Rain truly look last gen. Now that is what I am talking about and gets me all excited for a new IP. Something that pushes the gaming industry forward even if the game mechanics sound to be something along the tried and true path.

Q2 of 2016 is still a long way off so we probably have some time to wait until we get anything other than this base description off the developer’s website; although it is stated that screen shots are coming soon. Here’s hoping for something new and awesome with Without Memory.


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