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Apsulov: End Of Gods Is Heading To Haunt The Consoles This Summer

Apsulov: End Of Gods Is Heading To Haunt The Consoles This Summer

Apsulov: End Of Gods

Apsulov: End Of Gods will be releasing on the consoles here soon with Apsulov hitting the last and next-gen systems in the mix

A little bit ago we all had a chance to see that Apsulov: End Of Gods was out on the PC for the vast amount of gamers to give a futuristic Viking horror title to experience. Yes, that is a thing and it feels like so many missed out on this title from Angry Demon Studio given the limitation of the one platform release. That is why it is awesome to share that Apsulov: End Of Gods will now be hitting the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch this coming Summer. All to give so many more the chance to experience what horrors this title holds and will be able to share with the world out there. If you have not gone to check out others playing this one on streams over the last two years, that is.

For those that have held off on spoiling the fun of Apsulov up to now, it is a title that takes us into the future in a sci-fi adventure with all of the mythology and horrors that could come when you mix the two together. We are not talking the way that we have seen in the traditional comic book sense of things but something that looks a little more cosmic horror with a mixture of flesh and tech here. All while watching something trying to exploit the worlds of Yggdrasil and control some of the chaos towards Midgard. I do like the look of Apsulov and how the runes work and have that digital look to them too. I have no clue how this one went under my radar with just the look and feel of it all. Now I am excited to add it to the list of the next-gen titles here.

Apsulov: End Of Gods — Announce Trailer | PS5, PS4, Xbox One, X/S, & Switch

Apsulov: End Of Gods is a future Viking horror and sci-fi adventure unlike any other.

The humans delved far beneath the earth to find the mercy of the gods. What they found was never meant to reach the surface. Not on Midgard, nor any of the nine realms of Yggdrasil. Now their discovery wreaks havoc on their world, exploiting their technology, and leaving all in misery and decay.

You awaken in a facility built to research and exploit the worlds of Yggdrasil. Survive lurking dangers as you journey through a world of technology and mythological artifacts, where chaos rules over the human realm. It is in this chaos that you find your purpose and destiny.


  • Explore a nightmarish sanctuary of futuristic technology and Norse mythology
  • Experience first-person horror in uniquely atmospheric environments
  • Master otherworldly artifacts and the secrets of Yggdrasil

Have you had a chance to experience Apsulov before this announcement or is this one that you totally missed before now? Do you think that seeing these kinds of horror titles should be out there more or is it still very niche of a genre here? When do you suspect that we will see this launch out there on the systems and will it be closer to the end of the Summer instead of earlier? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it with us if you so choose to. We will share more for Apsulov: End Of Gods as it comes up, so keep checking back on the site for all of that and more. You should not be let down at all, we hope.

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