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Aramusha & Shaman Are Joining For Honor In The Next Season Of Fighting

Aramusha & Shaman Are Joining For Honor In The Next Season Of Fighting

For Honor

For Honor’s fourth season of fighting is about to start and here are the new heroes joining in the fight of For Honor & the new modes

The fourth season of fighting is about to be on us here in For Honor and we now have word on just what will be coming here on November 14th to those who have the game and the Season Pass. Those without will still be able to get everything on November 21st for about 15,000 Steel in-game, but now you have either picked up your season pass from Ubisoft or you have the currency in-game to be ready for these dates. If not, then hop on your PS4, Xbox One, or PC and get grinding as you now have the dates and will soon know what you are looking forward to getting.

To start things off, two more heroes will be coming to For Honor here and this will round out all factions to having a nice six heroes to choose from to enter the battle in. We now will get the Aramusha and the Shaman for the Samurai and Viking factions respectfully and you can see them in full action down in the following trailer. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised with what they will be adding into the full-on war between all of the factions out there.

Also coming to For Honor in this major update will be a new mode called Tribute. It was mentioned before, but now it will be yours for the playing. At least if you are a fan of a weird capture the flag mode where you will be able to bring back one of three “offerings” to your base’s shrine. Doing so will give your side some buffs, but the specifics on that have yet to be specifically laid out. If that does not tickle you though, Dominion Mode will be getting its ranked play now so you can always go right back to that if you so wish.

For Honor — Tribute Mode, Aramusha, & Shaman Heroes

As the war between Knights, Vikings, and Samurai reaches a fevered pitch, 2 new, highly battle-hardened Heroes enter the fray and they’ll face off in a brand new Tribute Mode, 2 new free maps, a Ranked Dominion coming soon, and more.

  • Aramusha (Samurai Hybrid) — Wielding dual katanas, the Aramusha use their blades for both offense and defense. Navigating the battlefield carefully, they are capable of dodging and attacking quickly. The Aramusha capitalize on the mistakes of their opponents and punish them with a never-ending flow of fast attacks in every direction.
  • Shaman (Viking Assassin) — Equipped with a hatchet and a dagger, Shamans utilize these two different weapons with quick and deadly precision. They are fierce and aggressive warriors who are strongest when on the offensive. Pouncing on their opponents like wild beasts, Shamans become more deadly as their opponents bleed out onto the battlefield.

Are you ready for this update to come to For Honor or is it about nine months too late for you? Do these two new heroes fit into your likes or will they just be there as options you never use? What are your thoughts on the new Tribute Mode and how skewed do you think the buffs will make things or will they even be noticeable? Let everyone out there know what is on your mind down in the comments and then discuss. If we get more on For Honor and any of its updates, we will bring them to you here. Just keep checking in on the site to make sure you get to see them all.

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