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Arkham Knight Not Just A Subtitle For Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight Not Just A Subtitle For Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

New details and screen shots for Batman: Arkham Knight. Also details on Arkham Knight, the new character for the Batman universe.

If you are like me then when you heard about Batman: Arkham Knight you thought that it was just a fun little subtitle for the game. Up until now it was easy to just make that logic leap given all of the other subtitles for the Rocksteady franchise. I think that is why it was a bit shocking and surprising to find out that the Arkham Knight mentioned is a completely new “villain” for the Batman universe. You can see some awesome renders and screen shots of this character below including one where the character has managed to outsmart Batman.

What we know of Arkham Knight so far is very little outside of the bits given out during the final bits of gameplay for an early build of Batman: Arkham Knight. In fact, outside of the character being an adversary for Batman and Rocksteady/DC have made the character part of the Batman universe now, we have just these images. If we go off from their Arkham Knight really looks like Batman if The Punisher had Tony Stark build him a set of high tech super armor. (Yes, I just crossed comic universes. Deal with it.) With how the character seems to like shooting first then asking questions and has all of the bad-ass looking gadgets that is hopefully a fair comparison.

The creation of this now sub-titular character is not the only bit of information we have for Batman: Arkham Knight mind you. Like did you figure that in the game we would have Riddler challenges that require Batman to drive the Batmobile around a trapped race track? Yep, that is a think in the upcoming title. There is a bit more to all of this as it is part of the game’s narrative but it is yet another way we will get to control the Batmobile, or forced to if you prefer to glide and fly around Gotham. Who knows, this could become as popular a ‘mini-game’ as Blitzball is to Final Fantasy X.

Speaking of the gliding and flying around, it looks we will also get to make Batman even more bad-ass during gameplay as we can now use gadgets while flying/gliding in Batman: Arkham Knight. I’m going to go on a limb here and say it will most likely be just throwing Bat-a-rangs or other ‘quick’ type weapons but that is something no longer just for cut scenes. It always took me out of the illusion of being the Bat when I could only glide and pounce before. I just hope it isn’t some crazy convoluted control system to make it a bit more difficult than it should be.

Lastly, it also looks like we are going to actually get to see and have a stronger story surrounding Oracle (Barbara Gordon) in Batman: Arkham Knight. As of right now it doesn’t sound like she will be a big focus of the story but there has been talk about her being a part of the story and not just a voice squawking in Batman’s ear. In fact we are getting a Dead Space holo-screen communications kind of thing this time around too. You can see that in the following images too. I am not too sure on this holo-screen type thing but I am glad to see that they are giving the supporting cast a bit more than “Hey bats! Go here.” kind of roles.

As always I am sure we are going to be getting a whole lot more for Batman: Arkham Knight in the coming months. So stay tuned to the site here for anything and everything we can get our eyes, ears, or hands on for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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