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Ashes Of Oahu Will Be Giving Us That Island Life This Month

Ashes Of Oahu Will Be Giving Us That Island Life This Month

Ashes Of Oahu

The release date for Ashes Of Oahu is set and with that comes a way to play Ashes Of Oahu just a bit before it launches this month

What a weird cycle Ashes Of Oahu has gone through. It was originally a different game, then Wyrmbyte was not able to secure funding, then it became a new game, then things went dark, and now we are here to tell you there is an official release date set down for it all. Not only that, but it is really soon. As in, you will be able to play an official version of Ashes Of Oahu this coming August 29th. Not expected at all, but still something I will gladly take and get ready for. It has been one I have been keeping a close eye on now.

If that does not get you all excited for it all, it also looks like there is a closed beta going on for Ashes Of Oahu currently and those who want in only need to pre-order the game. That is the direct and easiest way. Other ways include the fact that the team will be giving away codes to allow others in on the beta fun. It is all through the usual ways of social media and having luck. It is still a chance to check out Ashes Of Oahu before launch. That is, if you do not just want to go on the latest trailer for the game giving us a slight taste and the release date yet again.

Ashes Of Oahu — Announcement

Wyrmbyte is pleased to announce that its open-world action game, Ashes Of Oahu is content complete and headed for an official Steam launch date of August 29, 2019. Right now, Wyrmbyte is ready to invite players into the closed beta. The five-man Denver-based team is striving to make Ashes Of Oahu a memorable experience, but not due to any crazy bugs and glitches. While the team is hard at work quality testing the game they will also grant everyone who pre-orders closed beta access so they can join the developers and contribute to the crushing of post-apocalyptic bugs.

To celebrate this milestone the team has created an in-depth launch trailer to prepare everyone for what they can expect on their island adventure.

Even if someone hasn’t purchased the game yet, they still have the possibility of being able to participate in the beta. If they join the Ashes Of Oahu community Discord, or sign up for the community newsletter, Wyrmbyte will randomly select members to invite into the closed beta.

Want to be one of the first to meet the Lava Dogs? Crush the Raiders? Evade a Nightmarcher? You’ll be able to all of those things in the beta. Those who pre-order Ashes Of Oahu, in addition to receiving closed beta access to the game, will also receive 3 days early access ahead of the August 29th launch date.

Wyrmbyte is ecstatic to be entering this next phase of development, they thank you for your support, and look forward to you joining them for the rest of their adventure. Mahalo!

Have you been following Ashes Of Oahu as close as I have or did it drop off a while back for you? Did you expect to hear this release date as soon as we did here or is this a sign of a game that should be Early Access currently? Will you be holding out hope for a code or will you be pre-ordering the game to be certain? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When there is more for Ashes Of Oahu, we will have them all here for you. Just be sure to keep following along so you do not miss out on a single thing.

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