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Atomic Heart Is Getting Us All Ready For Some Solid Combat To Come

Atomic Heart Is Getting Us All Ready For Some Solid Combat To Come

Atomic Heart

A new trailer for Atomic Heart is out there to show off more of the intense combat we will have when Atomic Heart launches

The teasing keeps flowing out there for Atomic Heart with the latest trailer that was slipped out during Gamescom. It constantly feels as if Mundfish is trying to underplay some things for the game to keep the mystery and build hype with how long things have been going, but that could help win it all out in the end. Even if we still do not have a release date for when it will be hitting the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, we do not have to wait to get more of the game’s combat. That is what we have to see here for Atomic Heart now with a mix of the guns and the weird special powers we will be able to use. Even if they are starting to feel a bit more on the cybernetic side of things too here.

While the release date is still elusive to us all for Atomic Heart, the combat definitely is not. Even with some of the weird visuals mixed into it all too, it all feels like it is going to be the best parts of the high-action and expected gunplay. Thus continuing the BioShock feel we have all had from the jump for the game but with it looking like it is taking that formula and vastly improving. Although, it is hard to explain why there is a weird tentacle jacking in the middle of the mayhem mixed in. I have a feeling that will all make perfect sense when we have a chance to dive fully into Atomic Heart soon-ish. At least we all hope it is still soon-ish. Have a look and get further teased out there.

Atomic Heart — Combat

A system failure at Soviet Facility № 3826 leads machinery to rebel against the people. You are Major P-3, Private Agent, and your task is to minimize the consequences of this ‘systems failure’ and prevent the leakage of classified information.

To succeed, you’ll have to do your homework and study every deadly foe to avoid becoming their next victim, for secret experiments have led to the emergence of terrifying mutants, implacable machines, and bloodthirsty creatures.

Are you still amped up for Atomic Heart or do you need to have that date now to get fully down for this title? Do you think we will have specific animations that will always have to play with enemies freezing during or will it all just make for a bigger strategy focus in the action? What do you think will be the most over-the-top action we will be able to do in the game and how far will you try to go with it all? Tell us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for Atomic Heart has to be on the way to us, and we will share it when it does. Just be sure to keep sticking close to the site so you do not miss a single thing.

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