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Atomic Heart Will Have Some Truly Keen Visuals For Us To Enjoy Soon

Atomic Heart Will Have Some Truly Keen Visuals For Us To Enjoy Soon

Atomic Heart

New footage for Atomic Heart is here to show off some of the spectacular visuals that Atomic Heart may have for some of us

During the pre-game up to this year’s CES, we had a nice showcase of what NVIDIA will be bringing when it comes to graphics for various games and here we get some for Atomic Heart. Some new and old scenes from the game as the team at Mundfish gets everything geared up for the February 21st release out there on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Of course, this new footage will only be seen when it comes to the PC versions of Atomic Heart that are running the hardware, so do not get overly excited in general as of yet. It may not be the same experience for all gamers out there. Just those that are on the bleeding edge of everything as of now.

Looking closely at some of the visuals here, we are going to have something amazing to look at for Atomic Heart when it drops. There are many fun particle effects in the mix and the reflections seem to be the top level of it all here. Something that can be seen in the various robots we will be facing off with in the game, but I am sure that we will see something more out there in the full game. Have a gander at what we have for Atomic Heart just a bit lower. For those that will not be able to see it all at the top level of it all, you do have something fun to show off various other creatures and areas everyone will get to experience out there. That should not be that different from the various platforms.

Atomic Heart — 4K RTX Gameplay Reveal

Atomic Heart launches on February 21, 2023, with performance multiplying NVIDIA DLSS 3. Check out this exclusive gameplay reveal powered by GeForce RTX.

In the mad and sublime utopian world of Atomic Heart, take part in explosive encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each opponent, use your environment and upgrade your equipment to fulfill your mission. If you want to reach the truth, you’ll have to pay in blood.

Will you be able to see all of these visuals on your screen when Atomic Heart drops out there or will you be left out of that fun? Do you think the visuals will be that massive between all of the different versions or is this just a way to sell different hardware? Are you still excited after all of this time for the game or will it be one that we have to wait to see as of now? Give us those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to do that. There will be more for Atomic Heart and we will have it all here for you. Please keep checking in for all of those updates and much more as we head out into the new year here.

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