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Basement Crawl Is Finally Crawling Out With A New Release Date

Basement Crawl

Basement Crawl has a new release date and a few new screen shots to make up for the previously missed date.

Last month I reported on the release date for Basement Crawl. Originally it was slated for a release at the end of January. Well January came and went and still we PS4 owners do not see Basement Crawl available for download. I’ve seen the ads but nothing to purchase.

Well there is an answer for that. Basement Crawl had a bit of a delay. By a bit I am talking almost a month. The good news is that we will be getting it for download here next week on the 25th of February, in NA, and the 26th of February, in EU. This is great news for us who are looking forward to a creepy looking version of a Bomberman style of game.

The reason for the delay is still unknown, at least to me, but I am sure it was most likely due to Basement Crawl being a PS4 exclusive and Sony wanting to make sure it was up to par before releasing it into the wild. Or that Sony had issues on their end as it is a digital only release and has to go through all the PSN hullabaloo to hit our consoles. At least that is my speculation as having just under a month in delay isn’t really much time to ‘polish’ anything. At least in the gaming world.

Also, to make up for the delay, here are a few new screen shots from the game. Nothing to defining in terms of anything but visuals, but it is something to look at as we wait until next week when we can pick up Basement Crawl for $9.99 USD, €9.99, or ₤7.99 depending on your region. I have hopes for this game. Please don’t let me down.