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Batman: Arkham Knight Has Been Pushed Back But Look At The Batmobile

Batman: Arkham Knight Has Been Pushed Back But Look At The Batmobile

Batman: Arkham Knight

Have a look at the new ‘Battle Mode’ for Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile and be sad that the game has been delayed until 2015 sometime

Looks like we get to add Batman: Arkham Knight to the list of delayed games with something exclusive to show at E3 here next week. In this case it is the new “Battle Mode” for the Batmobile and all of the insanity that is packed inside of armored beast. Oh, and also there are a few new in-game shots for the game that shows off Batman’s ride a bit more as well as Batman doing what he does best; kicking ass and chewing gum except Batman doesn’t like gum…

Or was it Batman doesn’t like guns? I could have sworn that was the case but it looks like the new Batmobile has helped the Caped Crusader over that hatred and into love with them in Batman: Arkham Knight. If you look closely at the trailer showing off all the weapons and gizmos on the new Batmobile it looks like there is only one non-lethal weapon on there and a whole lot of hardware designed to turn humans into red mist. I’m not talking the villain from the Kick Ass comics either.

I get that Batman would need at least something to take down vehicles or punch holes in walls as nothing does that better than hot lead; but only one non-lethal weapon here? Maybe this is in response to the new character in Batman: Arkham Knight, The Arkham Knight, who looks like a perfect blend of the current Batman and the Punisher mixed together. At least that is the persona given off in everything that we have seen so far in Batman: Arkham Knight. Sometimes you got to break that one rule I guess.

Here, have a look.

With all the “griping” aside, I am still excited to see what will be shown off at E3 as well as when we will actually get to play the entire Batman: Arkham Knight game at home. It may look like it is deviating from current cannon of the Batverse but it looks like it is mainly to make a fun game and not break anything. Also, while I wish I didn’t have to wait longer to play what looks to be an awesome title I am also glad that Rocksteady isn’t rushing it and taking their time to go out with a bang. Also hopefully to lead into their next major project.

Also, as a side note to all you hard core Batman fans. I know that the gun thing wasn’t always around. I know the really early Batman was a bit more Punisher-like than the current incarnation. We’ve just had the softer Batman we want since Adam West and not the badass-take-no-shit Batman we deserve. Maybe that is what we are going to get in Batman: Arkham Knight

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