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Be The Badass You Were Born To Be As Battleborn’s Beta Is Dated

Be The Badass You Were Born To Be As Battleborn’s Beta Is Dated


The start date for Battleborn’s open beta have been set and we have the details of what parts of Battleborn we will get to experience when it goes live

We are not that far off from Battleborn‘s official release of May 3rd and we knew that there was an open beta in the works to make sure all of the server bugs were stamped out. Now we have those dates for said beta and it looks like Gearbox is giving those PS4 players a little bit extra over the PC and Xbox One fans. Way to keep us all fighting with yet another title that has free content/exclusives in this modern age. I guess it all does lend to Battleborn‘s title and the endless platform war that will forever rage on.

Moving along now. For those who have yet to be able to experience Battleborn in any of the closed betas it looks like your time is coming as it all kicks off on April 8th. Well the 8th if you are planning on playing the game on the PS4. PC and Xbox users will have to wait until the 13th to get their hands on the open beta for Battleborn. All of which will conclude on April 18th so hopefully you can plan accordingly and get the most out of all of that play time 2K Games is going to give us before launch.

Battleborn — Live Together Or Die Alone

The bonuses don’t stop there though as those PS4 players who participate in the open beta will also be getting the first DLC Pack for Battleborn as well as Alani unlocked for them. There is now word on price but I read that as the PC and Xbox crowd will have to pay for the DLC and grind to unlock the character. You have to love all the exclusives to force you to buy and play on a platform you may not like right? Nope…

Thankfully all players who partake in the Battleborn beta will have access to all of the 25 characters, two story mode episodes (The Algorithm & Void’s Edge), and two multiplayer modes (Incursion & Meltdown). Out of the gate we will only be getting 7 characters to choose from and then will have to go through Battleborn progression system to unlock the rest. You know to get a feel for the game and hopefully try out all 25 badasses…err…I mean 25 on PS4 and 24 on the other platforms as Toby will not be unlockable during this beta for those not on the PS4.

Granted this is all a beta to get people to help test Battleborn in a live-ish environment and get people hyped for the game’s launch but why all of the exclusives here? The DLC thing is usually the case for all games but locking down a character from the full game just so one platform feels special just seems like a bit much. Especially since Toby will be part of the core 25 that will be available in the full version of the game. I hope that Gearbox has a great plan or idea on why they are going down this path for the beta. It is well beyond me.

Will you be participating in the beta for Battleborn? Do you find it odd that we are seeing console favoritism yet again just for a technical test? Do you not care because you will get everything at some point or because you are part of the PS4 crowd getting the bonuses? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. For more on Battleborn and other betas coming out be sure to stay right here as we will have it all just for you in due time.

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