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Beneath Takes Us Back Underwater To Face More Of The Horrors Out There

Beneath Takes Us Back Underwater To Face More Of The Horrors Out There


Don a new deep-sea suit in Beneath to take on some new kind of horror going on Beneath the ocean

Humans just cannot seem to get enough of what is going on under the sea and now we have one more video game coming to prove just that with Beneath. This is the next title in the works and announced by Camel 101 for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A new title that will have us taking the dive under again to find some new things about us and the new world built for us. All in a first-person style game that will have us doing all of the survival horror stuff many other titles have had us do before. I guess, with a title like Beneath, it seems safe to assume that we are going to go to some new depths to things and maybe something in the terms of gameplay too.

In Beneath, we take on the role of Noah Quinn who also happens to be a veteran at deep-sea diving. While Noah is going down once again, a new underwater facility is found and will put Noah to some new kinds of tests. All while throwing hordes of monsters and giving us all sanity to have to deal with too. It is starting to sound like Beneath could be another of the Cthulhu title that is all the rage out here with that kind of description. Not only the description, but the gameplay leans into that heavily too. Have a look at the announcement we have for the game and get ready to have your sanity tested as we help Noah make it on through a new trial here.

Beneath — Announcement

The award-winning independent studio Camel 101 is thrilled to announce Beneath, a heart-pounding first-person action-horror adventure that takes place in the mysterious depths of the ocean.

You play as veteran deep-sea diver Noah Quinn who must escape a treacherous underwater world filled with terrors beyond imagining.

Armed with weapons and wits, Noah Quinn knows he will have to face the horror if he has any chance of escape.

But some horrors are beyond bullets, and Quinn’s mental state is on the brink of collapse. He must avoid succumbing to madness if he ever hopes to reach the surface again.

Key Features:

  • Resource Management: Make every shot count! While there are a variety of weapons to pick from, ammo is scarce and must be scavenged.
  • Sanity: Beware of your sanity as you face monstrous horrors beyond comprehension.
  • Tactical Combat: Survival requires you to play smart, and firepower isn’t always the solution.
  • Uncover Secrets: Unearth the secrets of the deep by gathering information from your surroundings.
  • Confront Unspeakable Creatures: vulnerable to unstoppable, face off against a variety of enemies with your cunning and weapons.
  • Dynamic Combat System: Adaptive enemy AI, destructible environment, and customizable weapons.
  • Deep-sea Diving Suit: Thanks to your suit, you’ll be able to explore both the ocean floor and the underwater stations of the deep sea.

Do you think that Beneath will be able to stand out on its own given the many other titles like it or will it fall prey to those complaints? Will this be a “Dark One” kind of title or have we all been primed to think that based on the other titles out there? Will we see something other than guns and melee weapons for Noah to use in the game or will it be a true FPS title? Sound off in the comments and put your sane thoughts out there to discuss. There should be more for Beneath in short order, so please keep checking in for all of those updates and many others that we will have down the line.

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