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Bethesda’s Event Has Come And Gone And Now It’s Time For A Recrap

Bethesda’s Event Has Come And Gone And Now It’s Time For A Recrap

Now that the Bethesda event is done and over with, let’s talk about that very underwhelming Bethesda conference this year

Well, that was something. I remember when Bethesda said that they wouldn’t come to E3 unless they had something big. Of course, money and marketing will always win out over all else in the end. I live on the East Coast so I had to stay up till midnight to even watch it. I was just overall really disappointed with the whole thing. If you just wanted a clip show of things we already knew were coming out, then yeah watch it. It did feature two new things the first was an expansion for Dishonored 2 and the diamond in the rough Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

I feel like Bethesda had more, but something may have happened backstage. Pete Hines seemed to be tired and a little worn down. He appeared briefly to open and close the show in a very flat tone. At only the thirty-eight minute mark I was sure he was going to pull something and have one last big reveal, but I and many others were mistaken.

My biggest low came in the form of the creation club. After the backlash from their paid mods fiasco a few years ago they seem to be trying the idea again under the guise that it will have Bethesda actually working with the creators and releasing it as official add-on content. To be honest this just seems like a way to siphon money off the backs of people who put so much love into creating mods for their favorite game. I hate Bethesda for this because we know if it’s successful everyone from EA to Ubisoft will try to copy and tweak this model. Imagine if an EA releases a game for sixty bucks or more with a thirty dollar season pass then charges an additional amount for either a subscription of paid mod model. Not to mention they could probably tack on micro-transactions on top of all that so an initial investment on a game could end up being two hundred dollars; theoretically. For all the joy, Fallout 3 alone gave me it would be worth that investment, but to tack on prices to things like this just dampens the experience as a whole.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus — E3 Announce

On to something a little more positive. Wolfenstein looks great and I love how the characters were portrayed. My favorite thing about the lackluster Turning Point was its concept and location. Now we get a chance to have that experience with a trusted developer helming the project and having big money behind it. The gameplay looked like everything we loved from the first game cranked up to eleven. I still haven’t played the Old Blood expansion that followed so I am not sure if it’s important, but this definitely makes me want to go back and replay those awesome games before the release of New Colossus.

Dishonored looked like a game I would love and I did purchase it, but it was also a victim of timing so I haven’t played it or it’s sequel. Death Of The Outsider looks amazing. One of the things that appealed to me most was the gritty atmosphere. I can’t speak too much on the character you play, but she is apart of the main story in Dishonored 2.

Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider — E3 Announce

While those are the high and low notes of this years Bethesda‘s E3 conference there will be follow-up articles on these games going into greater detail. I’m not saying any of Bethesda’s upcoming games look bad or I am not excited for at least half of them. I am just saying I was disappointed with it because there wasn’t anything there to surprise us. Most everything they showed was stuff they had been announcing for a while. If there is one thing we can all be thankful for it’s that everything we saw will be released this year.

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