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Black Widow Is Here To Give Us A Sting For Marvel’s Avengers

Black Widow Is Here To Give Us A Sting For Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers

The latest character profile for Marvel’s Avengers is here with Black Widow and more of how she is going to look in the final version of Marvel’s Avengers

The character profiles keep rolling out for Marvel’s Avengers as we now have a look at Black Widow in the mix. That just leaves one more, obviously, but we will just keep taking what Crystal Dynamics is offering here as they are short and sweet. Even with that being the case, they do give us something to hold on to for Marvel’s Avengers as we wait until May 15th for the full game to finally drop on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There is no complaining about any of that right now. Okay, well, maybe a little bit based on what we have to go on for now.

As you will see below, all we get for Black Widow here is more of her look in Marvel’s Avengers and nothing else as we have had for the other characters so far. In fact, this is all about her look and weapons but none of them in use. We will still need to look back at the big gameplay reveal from back at E3 to see any of that still in motion. All of which is a really weird turn here for Marvel’s Avengers, as it has been rolling out rather frequently before now. Maybe there will be some kind of tie in for the upcoming film that we will need to watch for? Only time will tell.

For those hoping for a little more for Marvel’s Avengers, we do have a look at the Original Sin suit for Iron Man that will be coming to the game. It is a nice, dark, and sleek look that we should be expecting. Again, it is a lot like the above video where it is all look, but that has been how the costumes and skins for Marvel’s Avengers have been going so it is par the course. Have a look and see if this will be your main look for Iron Man when the game hit shelves.

Marvel’s Avengers — Iron Man’s Original Sin Outfit Reveal

A fan favorite! One of Iron Man’s unlockable outfits is inspired by his armor in Marvel’s Original Sin series from 2014, which saw Tony and Bruce Banner at odds about Tony’s role in The Hulk’s origins.

Were you hoping for more with Black Widow for this reveal around Marvel’s Avengers? Do you find it very odd that all we are getting is a visual look and nothing in motion as we have in the past? Could this all be some kind of ploy to get more hype for the game and then the film? Let us know what is going through your head for all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Marvel’s Avengers is out there, we will update you here. All you need to do is keep checking back in for all of that and much more.

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