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Check Your Ambition As It Comes To Final Fantasy XVI

Check Your Ambition As It Comes To Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI pushes things forward with a new trailer showing off the scale of this new Final Fantasy world

There is a whole lot of ambition going into Final Fantasy XVI and that is more than just a cheeky statement based on the latest trailer we have to look at. We knew it was going to be massive when Square Enix made the announcement and showed off the basics of what was going to come to the PS5 in the Summer of 2023, but here we get a better look at a few things. That and a little more on the backstory in Final Fantasy XVI that will show that the characters have the same ambition out there as the team crafting all of this experience for us. Just based on the scale alone that we are seeing here, this could be the latest magnum opus that the studio could put out there. Even if it is not the true final one.

Not only do we get a few new teases to the grander gameplay of Final Fantasy XVI, we are here to look at the world and what seems to be driving it all further out there. All of which seems to be based around the massive crystals that are out there and supply the various lands with their magics and protectors. The ones that have gone by various names over the run of the series but the same we get to summon into battles for us. Each of the kingdoms has seemed to sprout around them and embraced what they are pumping out there. Even if it does look like we will be going into a fighting game-style of play once they are out there. That is a whole different thing for Final Fantasy and I hope I am just seeing things incorrectly. What I am not seeing incorrectly, though, is that the scale for this one has been massively ramped up and it looks like it will be one massive trip across the world to take on these massive beings. All as we try to make sense of how that can be done without our heroes getting chopped down in the mix too.

Final Fantasy XVI — Ambition

Who shall claim their fading light? From a single spark, will the land ignite? A new shadow rises to fall upon the Dominants, painting their destinies black as night.

It has been fifteen hundred years since the fall of our forebears, and Valisthea has been slowly dying ever since. Darkness spreads as day gives way to twilight, the Mothers’ flame now all but a flicker. And as the fringes fade, the people flock to the Mothercrystals.

Coming Summer 2023

Does this look like it is going to be the largest Final Fantasy title we have ever experienced or will these locations be only shown off in wide angles? Will it be more of an open-world concept or just one that we see in the background as we fight around much smaller sets? Do you think these crystals will play any larger role out there than we see here or will they just be the driving force for all of the powers to claim and achieve their ambition? Let us all discuss this down in the comments and go crazy with speculation. We have our eye on more for Final Fantasy XVI right now, so be sure to expect it all to flow out there. All you need to do so you are on top of all of that is to keep checking back on the site. I am sure you will not want to miss a single bit of the action that will be out there.

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