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Chernobylite Has Another Announcement To Keep Our Geiger Meters Clicking

Chernobylite Has Another Announcement To Keep Our Geiger Meters Clicking


A new trailer for Chernobylite is here to give us another creepy look at how Chernobylite will tackle the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe

Last year, you may remember, we had word of a new horror game called Chernobylite with little else to go on. Okay, that may be a bit off as we knew it was a horror game coming from The Farm 51 and would also be covering a new look at the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe from real-world history. That was something that shook people to their cores and caused a lot of stir with other forms of media. Now it looks like we are going back and finally have something to see for Chernobylite as we have another official announcement for the game along with video. Just as the best of announcements should be.

It is hard to tell if any of this is actual footage from Chernobylite but it does seem to tell the main theme and tone the game will have. Given the Unreal Engine, we could be seeing gameplay in some form here. Seeing as the team is using real world scans of the location to bring Chernobylite to life, it is quite possible this is all live footage. We will need to wait and see for now, but at least we know that the game is officially coming and has something more than text and a logo to look at. You can see the video and gameplay features down below and then wait with us for something a bit more solid to go on.

Chernobylite — Announcement

April 26th, 1:23 AM Ukrainian time, 1986. The day on which the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe happened and the lives of 350,000 people changed forever. At the time you were just a young, passionate, naive physicist working at the facility. And like many, you’ve lost what was most dear to you — a loved one. 30 years later you’re still struggling with the demons of the past. So, to finally put them to rest, you return to what’s now called the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror experience from the team behind the critically acclaimed Get Even. The game mixes the free exploration of its disturbing world with challenging combat, unique crafting, and non-linear storytelling. This exceptional title will constantly challenge you to:


Ally or compete with other stalkers of the Chernobyl zone to survive. Remember that life is fragile, and it is your decisions that determine the fate of your companions. You can spend as long as you need preparing; however, be aware that your story is still being written. Every passing moment your chances of success are dwindling, comrades are dying, supplies are running out, or an unexpected patrol could discover you. On top of this, supernatural dangers are arising around you in mysterious patterns. Each day brings new challenges, adding to the ever-increasing severity of your current situation. Plan your strategy carefully if you want to survive.

Play By Your Own Rules

Craft your gear and weapons to protect yourself from the hostile military personnel and supernatural threats lurking in the zone. Make use of the sophisticated tools at your disposal to aid you in your struggle while navigating the rough and contaminated environment. Stay undetected and gather all the evidence you can in order to piece together events from the past. Decide what happens in the world around you by making choices and finding or avoiding the truth.


Maintain your resolve and keep your wits about you; the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is not what it once was. None can foresee the horrors that may have befallen your beloved.

Chernobylite Main Features:

  • Explore the beautiful and horrifyingly accurate 3D-scanned recreation of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone;
  • Collaborate or compete with other stalkers of the Zone. But whatever you do, never fully trust them. Remember everybody has a hidden agenda. Always;
  • Face and survive the natural and supernatural threats;
  • Immerse yourself in the non-linear, thrilling, science-fiction horror story;
  • Make good use of your physics and chemistry knowledge to craft your equipment and manage your supplies;
  • Fight against the savage creatures pouring out from an alternate reality;
  • Investigate and collect data with a set of sophisticated environment and substance-analyzing tools.

Are you just as excited to see Chernobylite coming to life now or will you still hold reservations until solid gameplay is shown? How do you feel about the team using the real world location data to build the areas here and will it lead to even more terror along the way? Do you think we are seeing any gameplay here or is it all to build hype and set the tone? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. We will have more for Chernobylite and when we do, we will bring it to you here. Just keep checking in on the site to see and hear all of it as it comes.

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