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Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos Is Revealed To Bring More Hand-To-Hand Combat

Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos Is Revealed To Bring More Hand-To-Hand Combat

Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos

Get ready to clash a bit more with the latest title announced out there with Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos

Start training now, as it looks like 2022 will offer us up another brawling style of game with the recent reveal for Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos. This would be a new title coming out of NACON and ACE Team during their big event and is poised to slam the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC when it does land. Something we will have to do in the mix of all of the chaos here, with the game aiming to take the brawler style in a bit of a twist. The twist being that Clash will have some of the rules dictated out by the roll of some dice. A bit random but something that could keep us all on our toes and the game constantly feeling fresh with the way things could quickly change for it all. Depending on the sides of the dice, that is, with only so many combinations being available based on that.

It is a little foggy on just how the dice will add in the elements of chaos to the game here, but we can make a few assumptions based on the following trailer we do have for it all. It looks like we will have to throw the dice before we head out into the world and explore it all. This could be some modifiers we have added on or it could also dictate the random skill or ability we can use against whatever is coming at us. One of the shots does show a nicely timed uppercut to a beast that just happened to lunge at us. Not the normal move I would have gone with, but if it is all driven by the dice and the chaos that could bring, it makes a bit more sense. It also would make Clash feel just as the title and subtitle suggest too. Have a look and see if you are getting the same feeling from what little we have for it all right now.

Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos — Reveal

Welcome to the world of Zenozoik. Explore this strange land as Pseudo, a powerful warrior on a quest to obtain the Artifacts Of Chaos.

There is only one law in Zenozoik: a deadly game of dice that decides the rules of engagement. Obey these rules in brutal hand-to-hand combat.

Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos will be available in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Does this style of brawler sound like it could be a bit intriguing and lead to all of the chaos that Clash kind of alludes to here? Do you think it will be just modifiers before heading out or will it dictate all of the moves we get to make in the game too? How many variations do you think we will have or will it be the twelve that the dice show for us in the trailer here and nothing more? Give us those thoughts and then discuss it all in the comments. I am sure there will be more for Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos, and when there is, it will be up on the site for all to enjoy. Please keep checking back for it all and everything else that will be coming your way here soon as well.

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