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Convallaria Blasts Out There With A Bunch Of New Gameplay

Convallaria Blasts Out There With A Bunch Of New Gameplay


Convallaria is on its way to us all and we have some new gameplay to take in for Convallaria to get excited for

Those looking for another multiplayer third-person shooter in their lives need to take note of Convallaria as it has more to announce here. Well, more to show off as there is not much more to talk about beyond the gameplay that Loong Force has for us and that we will see the game on the PS4 and PS5 when it comes. That is unless you want to take that some of the weapons and gear we will have in Convallaria getting shown off here as an announcement more than anything. Sometimes that can be a bit of an announcement, but it is all about the visuals and action we have to take in for now.

You will get to see it a bit more in the following for Convallaria, but we will get a lot of fast-paced combat and exploration in this new world we are getting. We will be going head to head with up to 100 other players in the mix as well as some PVE elements to handle too, so I guess it is good that we are going to have some laser guns and other insane-looking weapons to use in the mix. Also a few of the fun melee weapons that something like Convallaria will be able to offer up in this hostile world we will embark into. All so we can hopefully see this new story unfold that might have some deeper emotion hidden behind it all. Have a look and get a taste of what I am talking about here.

Convallaria — Announcement

Check out the new multiplayer third-person action shooter Convallaria trailer from the PlayStation China Hero Project Launch Event.

Is this the first you are hearing for Convallaria or have you heard about it before this new announcement? Do you like the look of the weapons we are getting or do they feel like they are from other IPs in a new world? How will this be different than other titles in the same genre out there and will it be more than just the story? Tell us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. More for Convallaria will be up on the site as we have it given to us, so please keep checking in for all of that and everything else out there.

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