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Cyber Combat — Announcement

Cyber Combat — Announcement

Cyber Combat

Check out the new trailer for Cyber Combat that has dropped out there for our viewing pleasure

Cyber Combat is an extremely fast-paced shooter title for the PC coming from Ofir Agami in the Summer of 2023.



Cyber Combat — Announcement

Cyber Combat is an extremely fast-paced shooter that excels at breaking ankles which also incorporates a grappling hook as part of your gear. Hop, skip, and jump your way through each level while you turn your opponents into a red mist with your tools of their destruction.

Inspired by other fast-paced shooters such as DOOM, Ghostrunner, Ultrakill, and even real-life sports such as football, take advantage of your surroundings and terrain as you dodge and weave through a barrage of bullets and enemy fire while dishing out pain of your own. Use the grappling hook and momentum as your ally to fly around the arena as you riddle each enemy with more holes than a sponge. Use dashing and wall-running to traverse the world and create opportunities for you to flank your enemies.

Key Features:

  • Combat at breakneck speeds. Take advantage of dashing, wall-running, momentum, and your grappling hook to get around the arena for both survivability as well as destroying your enemies
  • Cause chaos by pushing enemies against each other! Inspired by real-life sports, you can push spherical enemies around with shotgun shots. Colliding with other enemies will hurt or kill them, causing physics-based chain reactions – with enough skill, you can rein chaos in to be your ally!
  • Style and gory kills. Pump rounds into your enemies at close range with your shotgun, or perhaps turn them into scrap with your rocket launcher
  • An explosive arsenal to choose from. Choose your method of delivering pain via weapons that all feature a primary and alt fire, allowing you to obliterate your opposition with weapons that feel powerful on every trigger pull
  • A gorgeous Tron-inspired world. Explore a beautifully crafted world that draws inspiration from many sci-fi and futuristic themes such as the movie Tron and games such as Ghostrunner
  • An incredible soundtrack. Enjoy listening to a fast-paced, high-tempo original soundtrack that perfectly fits into the world of Cyber Combat with its futuristic sounds

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