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Damnation & Deliverance Will Be On The Way To Us In August With Scathe

Damnation & Deliverance Will Be On The Way To Us In August With Scathe


Scathe now has a release date for the PC version of Scathe with the other platforms set for a release a bit after

More of the wickedness is coming here for Scathe now that we have the official release date for the game. Well, at least the release date for the PC version of the game with the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S coming down the line. It is just going to take a bit longer for Kwalee to get that all set up. So, if you want to play Scathe and head into the bullet hell of it all, you will be able to do so on August 30th. I just hope that the rest get to see it all in short order instead of a longer wait for it all.

Now that we have the date for at least one version of Scathe, we can get into a bit more of the gameplay for it all. All to see more how it feels a bit more like a few of the other FPS titles that take us all into the underworld to shoot up the various demons out there. Bigger guns and faster gameplay but with a whole new story for us all to experience too. I am all for keeping some good and solid gameplay but with a different story too. Have a look at what we have for Scathe just a bit lower down and see if it is going to be another of the fast-paced shooters you will be dropping into your library.

Scathe — PC Release Date

Something wicked this way comes…

🔥 Scathe will be coming to PC on 31st August 2022 🔥

Scathe is an intense, classic FPS with big guns and even bigger demons. You are Scathe, Enforcer of the Legions of Hell, forged from the earth by the Divine Creator himself. And you, like your fallen kin before you, must prove your worth by navigating a deviously crafted maze, entangled with demonic evil at every twist and turn. So, grab your Hell Hammer and get ready to unleash your almighty fury.

👉 Coming to PC on 31 August 2022! 👈

Have you been waiting to see Scathe release out there or did you space on it still coming to market? How long do you think the console gamers are going to have to wait for it to launch and will it be only a few months at most? Do you enjoy these kinds of FPS games and just like getting the new stories or do you want something fully new instead? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. When more for Scathe drops out there, we will certainly share it all here for you. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we have to offer up.

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