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Daniel’s Education Is A Tricky One Throughout Life Is Strange 2

Daniel’s Education Is A Tricky One Throughout Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2

It is better explained how Daniel’s actions are swayed in Life Is Strange 2 just a bit before the final episode of Life Is Strange 2 drops on us all

In just under a month, we will all be treated to the conclusion of Life Is Strange 2 and see just how all of our choices have shaped the story and forced the brothers through their harrowing journey. Those playing along have known it to be one crazy ride thus far and we are almost to the end of it. I guess this is why DontNod has opted to release out there just how our choices in the game have shaped this story. Something that would have been nice to know from the start of Life Is Strange 2, but I guess it kept us all a bit more honest as we played through. If you want to look at it like that. For those who do not, here is a bit more on how our actions and choices affected the brothers along the way.

For those who play many episodic titles like Life Is Strange, it is easy to look at the choices in the game leading to specific results. In this story, it looks like we have been slightly educating Daniel along the way that some of the choices and actions become out of our hands. All through our own morality and how the brotherhood evolves in the story by our choices. The following video shows it better, with a lot of spoilers mind you, but the short and dirty version is thus. Sometimes our moral choices in Life Is Strange 2 will alter how Daniel sees the world and later on we are locked out of specific actions and options as we have taught Daniel how things are.

Like stealing to survive or being an inattentive brother will lead to him taking action instead of looking for our assistance. Even things like a simple snowball fight will shift how he trusts us in Life Is Strange 2 and thus if he will trust us later on in the story. Little things that do not seem to be bigger choices have been impacting us all along in the story and now we know a bit better. Sometimes our moral choice will weaken the brotherhood level and vice versa. It is not as cut and dry as we have seen in the past with Life Is Strange. It is worth a look to see just how it all works, unless you are going to be playing blindly for the first time after December 3rd when the final episode drops.

Life Is Strange 2 — Daniel’s Education Explained

Trying to figure out why your little brother is acting a certain way can only add to a feeling of “huh?!”

Today we wanted to deep dive on one of Life Is Strange 2’s most important, but also most misinterpreted systems — how your speech and actions affect Daniel.

This added insight will hopefully guide you in making decisions as you start Life Is Strange 2 for the first time, or binge again from the beginning.

Did you know that the choice options and actions went so deep for Daniel here in Life Is Strange 2 or did you play so far thinking it more cut and dry? Do you think that there should have been some perfect options mixed in for us all or do you think life never has that option anyway? Does this have you looking to replay the whole thing from start or will you be living with what you have done so far nonetheless? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more for Life Is Strange 2, we will add it all here to the site. Be sure to keep on checking in for all of that and more as we move forward with everything.

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