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DarKnot Torments Us All With More Gameplay To Get Excited For

DarKnot Torments Us All With More Gameplay To Get Excited For


More gameplay for DarKnot has been released to startle those that have not jumped into the DarKnot demo as of yet

Just in case you have been skipping out on playing the demo for DarKnot up to now, and not too worried about seeing anything from the game for gameplay, then you will have a nice little extra bit here today. The DarKnot Team has opted to give us all more gameplay for the game to take in as we all wait for the Steam NextFest next week. That is where there will be even more for this PC title with a new update for DarKnot amongst many other little extras too. Again, as long as you want to see more than just some cinematics and basic text to tell you why you should be excited for this title to hit out there. Knowing how gamers are, you most likely have pressed play on the video already…

If you have missed out on DarKnot up to know, though, this is a new third-person psychological horror title that looks like it is a mix of some great titles in from the past. I know I am seeing a mix of The Evil Within and Silent Hill to give us some of those nostalgic feelings while diving into something new. All of this is more than just the visuals and basics here too, but rather in tone and some of the mixed gameplay we have had over the years. Not to mention that all of DarKnot looks like it is taking place in someone’s mind or on another realm of existence too. Having held off on the demo up to now and basing everything on these trailers, I could be wrong. I guess I will just have to dive in to be certain.

DarKnot — Gameplay

Welcome to the third-person, non-linear psychological horror game.

The DarKnot world is gloomy and terrifying. You have been abandoned, left alone, and you’ll have to face death in this endless labyrinth. Challenge yourself, but try not to succumb to insanity in the process!

Are you ready to see what else is on the way for DarKnot or will you hold out for the full release? Do you see the same inspirations for the game here or am I going down the wrong path in my thoughts? When do you think the final build for the game will be out there and will we have all manner of surprises to pull us in by then? Give us all of that feedback and discussion down in the comments. When we have more to share for DarKnot, know it will be on the site for you. Please keep checking in for all of this and everything else that we can offer up along the way too.

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