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DarKnot Will Leave Us Hanging A Bit More For That Early Access

DarKnot Will Leave Us Hanging A Bit More For That Early Access


A slight delay for DarKnot is now here for those looking to get fully in on the Early Access for DarKnot

It might feel like we have all kinds of horror titles out here for Halloween, but it looks like one more is going to take a bit of time with DarKnot getting delayed until November 3rd now. In fairness, this is a delay that will only have us seeing the Early Access of the game pushed out until then. That does mean that there is still hope that this time next year, DarKnot Team will have the game fully ready for the PC. Then it would still be able to make it to the right time and also be able to be a full release instead. All so we can explore this dark world a bit more and a little deeper.

There is no reason given for this delay for DarKnot, but I am guessing that since it is for Early Access, it boils down to bugs making the game a little unplayable at some point. Not that the game is going to be broken, but given how gamers will trash a title for having something that will slow their experience, it is a good call to get as many out before. There is no need for the team to risk any slamming on DarKnot from those that do not know how the cycles work, especially when we have an unfinished version of the game poised to drop out there in a few weeks. Just be sure to update your calendars and get ready for the game then while keeping your thoughts to yourself for now.

DarKnot — Teaser 2022

Explore the vast world of DarKnot to your heart’s content, and experience true survival. How to deal with your opponents is your choice, plan your own strategies accordingly. You can return to DarKnot on another playthrough, and your fate will be different each time…

The Early Access release of DarKnot, the third-person, non-linear psychological horror game experience on Steam, has been delayed until November 3.

Did you have your heart set on adding DarKnot to your spooky play time this month or do you think this was the correct call? Could we see a full version out there by this time next year or will the Early Access help get the game out much sooner? Will there still be many gamers out there complaining that the game is “broken” even when it is not in the final form yet? Tell us all of your thoughts down in the comments and then get ready to discuss it all. We will keep the updates for DarKnot flowing out there as we get them, so please keep checking in for all of that and everything else.

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