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David Allen And More Are On The Way Next Week To Evil Dead: The Game

David Allen And More Are On The Way Next Week To Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game

A new Evil Dead character (David Allen) is coming with the rest to Evil Dead: The Game next week now

All of our rumors and speculation for the DLC coming for Evil Dead: The Game came to fruition as we have the next survivor added in and now all set to drop on us soon. Here we have the confirmation that David Allen from the 2013 will be joining in with Mia and The Plaguebringer to the game as Boss Team Games expands the rosters with the DLC. It is always a great sign to see the developers doing this and not specifically with the season pass of content too. That is still to come. For now, though, we will look at the new members joining Evil Dead: The Game to get us ready for September 8th when they should all be available for us to download to the game. My only gripe is that I wish it would have been over the weekend instead.

If you are fully up on what happened in Evil Dead (2013), then I am sure you will know who David is here. Given how the remake went down, David was more of the side-hero of the film with Mia being the main one. David looks like he will be bringing along a nail gun to use in Evil Dead: The Game, so that will be an interesting take to offer up. It would be nice to allow that to have the target get stuck in place, but that would definitely cause a lot of trolling against the demons out there. Given that Mia will be specced out to target the main demon in the matches, so that would leave a very one-sided fight if they team up correctly. I am sure that the teams have made sure it is all balanced so far, but it would be a good way to force teams to come up based on the films again.

Did you want to see David from the 2013 Evil Dead film here or were you hoping to see someone else along the way? Do you think the nail gun will function in a way other than many others in the game or will it just be a new skin of sorts? Would it be fun to have the film and show teams be able to have a massive advantage over the demon or would that make for a less enjoyable game? Go ahead and let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for Evil Dead: The Game will always be up here for you, so keep checking in for all of that. There will definitely be so much more coming to us as the game ever evolves.

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