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Days Gone Is Here & So Is More Of The Horde Gameplay

Days Gone Is Here & So Is More Of The Horde Gameplay

Days Gone

New gameplay for Days Gone is out there as Days Gone launches on the PS4 today offering the horde to swarm everyone

It is finally here and Days Gone has launched out into the world. It has been a solid wait, with delays, to finally get to this point but the game is out there and we can all take a look at what Bend Studio has been toiling away at. At least in terms of a first-hand experience instead of all of the videos that we have had drop on us as of late. There have been way more videos for Days Gone this week than before which is odd given how PS4 exclusives usually roll out. Nonetheless, the game is here and we have one more video to hold you over until you can play the game or to try to sell you on it one more time.

The video we have here is a lot of the open-world gameplay for Days Gone that we knew was coming. To that end, there is one more look at the large hordes we will need to survive and fight off in the game. Although, this video does make sure we know that the hordes we see here are very small when compared to the many others we will need to take down to open up travel in the game. I know it gets me further excited to actually dive into the game and take on the hordes out there in Days Gone. Have a look and see if it does the same for you. I have a feeling it just might.

Days Gone — Horde Gameplay

Let’s play Days Gone! We head into the Farewell Wilderness and tackle some frightful Freakers ahead of Days Gone’s launch on PS4.

Have you been ready for Days Gone for a while now or is this just one more reminder that you need to go out and pick the game up? Will you be holding off on it all for a bit or will this be a day-one purchase here for you? Did you think that all of the hordes were going to be massive or did you hope to see smaller ones along the way and randomly in the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Days Gone, as there is anything, be sure to be right here. We will keep all of the information flowing out there as fast as we can.

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