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Dead Island 2 Wants Us All To Better Know Our Slayers

Dead Island 2 Wants Us All To Better Know Our Slayers

Dead Island 2

Two of the slaters coming to Dead Island 2 are here for us to take in and get to know before the launch of Dead Island 2

Just after the slight delay news, again, that we had for Dead Island 2, it looks like the hype train is kicking off for the game to get us all ready for the April 28th release date that is on the way. That is the new date that we have from Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver for the game on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. That is not the only news to go out there for Dead Island 2, though. As was mentioned, we have something to keep the train going with that delay. The new bits being a short look at a few of the slayers we will have out there in the mix of the new game and world that has been established up to now. Get ready.

They are short little vignettes for two of the heroes in Dead Island 2, but it is something. Here we get to see Amy and Jacob in the mix of things. Well, more of their stats and how they might play in the final build of the game. With Amy being a more agile and runner type of character and Jacob being more of the tough and strong character here. They do kind of mirror some of what we had in Dead Island before now, so it could be easy to assume the others will be closer to the others. Maybe we will get another musician out there in the mix to give us some amazing songs to play and listen to as well. I only hope we do not have to wait much longer to get all of that here.

Dead Island 2 — Meet The Slayers: Amy

Meet Amy, a champion runner who has gone from being ahead of the pack to rushing straight at it.

Amy is a quick-witted Paralympian who has found something even better than her runner’s high: zombie-slaying! The risks keep her wired, the success keeps her pumped, and every battle is almost a puzzle to solve on the fly – like an obstacle course to keep her mind sharp. Laid-back, focused, and calm, very little can dent her California chill.

Dead Island 2 comes out on April 28th, 2023 launching for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

  • Explore HELL-ADead Island 2 takes players across the most iconic locations of the City of Angels, now stained with horror, in an exciting pulp journey from the verdant suburbia of Beverly Hills to the quirky promenade of Venice Beach.
  • Brutal Melee Sandbox – Combat delivers the most intense, visceral, and gory first-person experience possible, with plenty of weapons and brutally tactical options to chew your way through the zombie horde. Whether you’re slicing, smashing, burning, or ripping, we want you to truly feel it.
  • Be The Ultimate Zombie Slayer – There are six characters to choose from, each with their own unique personality and dialogues. You can fully customize the abilities of each Slayer, with our brand-new skill system allowing you to re-spec instantly and try out the craziest builds.
  • Zombie Infestation – Ready to experience the most advanced dismemberment system in games? Our LA is crawling with zombies that look and react realistically. These mutated wretches are the reanimated, rotten heart of Dead Island 2 with dozens of distinct zombie types, each with their own mutations, attacks, and hundreds of visual LA-themed variants. Our monsters are relentless, challenging, and true Los Angelinos. Will you be able to survive?
  • A Cinematic Co-op Adventure – As a proper RPG experience, Dead Island 2 offers plenty of exciting quests, a crazy cast of characters, and a thrilling pulp story, to truly immerse you in its twisted universe. Re-playability is guaranteed. Add an over-the-top co-op mode for up to three players, and you’ll stay in LA for a very long (and gory) trip.

Dead Island 2 — Meet The Slayers: Jacob

Meet Jacob, a British BAMF with a unique outlook and a knack for carnage.

An antihero with rockstar flair, Jacob’s offbeat charm is paired with a reckless disregard for self-preservation. When his beloved mum passed, this successful London stockbroker left everything behind to follow his dream of being a Hollywood stuntman. Now his quips and Shakespearean quotes fall on undead ears as he revels in being a slayer in HELL-A. Lovely!

What are your thoughts on these slayers we have coming into the Dead Island mix soon? Do you think the others will follow the same suit as we had before or will they shift a bit from these and give us different archetypes? Are you at all surprised that there was another delay in the mix out there? Tell us what is on your mind for all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for Dead Island 2 is on the way soon, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else that the team can offer up.

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