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Degrees Of Separation Is Going Online To Bring Us Together

Degrees Of Separation Is Going Online To Bring Us Together

Degrees Of Separation

Degrees Of Separation is adding in online multiplayer to try to bring the story of Degrees Of Separation to more gamers

It looks like one of the features I was surprised was not in Degrees Of Separation before is finally coming to the game. In a new update that is coming, it looks like Moondrop will be adding in online multiplayer to the mix of things to give us all another reason to replay, or play, the game. Given that Degrees Of Separation has hit almost all of the major platforms out there, there is little reason as to why some have not yet. Now we can add in the ability to not play only with couch co-op, but also online so physical location is no longer an issue either.

This will be a free update for Degrees Of Separation and will just be a new option to play the game. You will be able to take your current or old save file and start playing online with any of your friends that also have the game, but do note that progress earned will be kept by each player offline. So, if you are looking to play Degrees Of Separation with someone else, be sure that they are at the same place or willing to step up to it if they are not. At least, that is how it all reads to me here. We will see once the update is out there for all to share and play.

Degrees Of Separation — Accolades Trailer

Indie publishing label Modus Games today announced that Degrees Of Separation will expand its current multiplayer offering to include online functionality on all platforms via a free update for all users. Players will be able to take their existing save files online to play with friends, and progress earned through cooperative play will be kept by each user.

Are you surprised that it took this long for Degrees Of Separation to get an online multiplayer option? Do you think this will bring more into the fun of the game or did it have its chance at the start of the year and many have moved on? Do you think that this will screw up other players’ save files if they are not in the same place or will it only store the collectibles along the way? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more to Degrees Of Separation, we will add it all here. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and more.

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