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Deliver Us Mars Gives Us All Another Divided Family To Bring Together

Deliver Us Mars Gives Us All Another Divided Family To Bring Together

Deliver Us Mars

The third developer diary for Deliver Us Mars is here to show off the family that will be the focus of Deliver Us Mars

The developer diaries keep flowing out there from KeokeN Interactive as it all comes to Deliver Us Mars so we are fully ready for February 2nd, 2023, to hit us in the feelings. That is the emphasis on the latest as we get to see more of the story behind the events and how the family is divided out there in the game from the jump. This was not what I expected to know before, but it looks like things are taking a little bit more of a turn for Deliver Us Mars. Now we get to go further behind the scenes for the game to see how it all came together and the thoughts of the performers bringing it all to life in the game.

In this video, we get to learn more about the family that seems to have direct ties to the massive events that caused the main issues in Deliver Us Mars. All of these are based on the team’s family dynamics and size, to a degree. I do not think it is every family that has a father that caused some massive humanity-ending thing while also dealing with the loss of a mother. Something that builds into one of the siblings has to step up a bit more for the younger one. That is a little closer to home for Deliver Us Mars than the rest of it all, so that tracks. Have a look and see the shorter video to take in for it all. Hopefully, it makes the whole thing much more enjoyable for all involved out there.

Deliver Us Mars — Dev Diary #3: A Family Divided

Learn more about the story of Deliver Us Mars and the developers behind it with the latest Dev Diary, A Family Divided.

Have you been keeping up on everything for Deliver Us Mars up to now or have you only been getting in on it all now? Do you like seeing these family stories out there or have video games gone a little too dark for many out there? Will this be the main focus of it all or will it just be a side part of the bigger story out there? Tell us all what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for Deliver Us Mars will be on the way to us all soon. Please keep checking in for all of that and much, much more.

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