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Descend Into Hell On The PSVR2 In The Future With Hellsweeper VR

Descend Into Hell On The PSVR2 In The Future With Hellsweeper VR

Hellsweeper VR

One more title is on the way to the PSVR2 with Hellsweeper VR all so we can see Hellsweeper VR flowing a one more way out there

Add one more random title into the list of PSVR2 titles coming out there with Hellsweeper VR making the way over too. It has been out there for a while on the PC VR platforms for a bit now, but I can see that Mixed Realms and Vertigo Games would want to hit every platform they could ever get. Just so we can all venture into Hell out there along with each other and get into the deeper mix of things. As long as you can get into the hyper action and movement that Hellsweeper VR requires in the mix. All of which is something that the latest video highlights if you have not gone out to see various gameplay out there.

In Hellsweeper VR, we will be traversing the different levels and dimensions of Hell while running and gunning down the various demons and evils of the area. Also, we will be using various melee weapons and other magics in the mix too. With the other highlight being the freedom of movement in the mix. That feels like it will be a little more chaotic and dizzying than one could expect out there. Maybe that is just me as the video here does make me a little confused and dizzy just by watching it. Have a look at the new gameplay for Hellsweeper VR and then wait for it all to drop on the various platforms along the way out there.

Hellsweeper VR — PSVR2 Announcement

Dare to descend into Hell, with Hellsweeper VR coming to your PlayStation VR2 headset!

From the creators of Sairento VR: Untethered and the publishers behind Arizona Sunshine, comes the physics-defying Hellsweeper VR straight from the underworld to PlayStation VR2.

As you traverse the different dimensions, you gain mastery of a wide range of weapons and elemental magic, all while exploring every crazy move you previously thought was imaginary.

Prepare for an intense VR experience in this first-person action-combat game, where earthly physics do not exist and gravity-defying movements become your new reality.

Have you been waiting for Hellsweeper VR to drop out there and are you looking to get it on the PSVR2 now? Do you think the movement will be a little much for players out there or will it all work better than the videos show off? How deep into Hell will we get to go in the game or will that just be a basic setting for us to take in for it all? Head down to the comments and then feel free to discuss it all there. If we get more for Hellsweeper VR, it will be shared on the site here for you. Please keep checking in for all of that and much, much more.

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