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Did Y’all Realize The New Tales From The Borderlands Has Launched

Did Y’all Realize The New Tales From The Borderlands Has Launched

New Tales From The Borderlands

We can head back into the Borderlands again with the launch we have for the New Tales From The Borderlands

Get ready to be a different kind of Vault Hunter out there with the New Tales From The Borderlands launching out there. It felt like it rather crept up on us all out there, but Gearbox Software has been ready for it all and taking the story a bit further. Even if it does seem like this one will not be truly linked to the previous Tales From The Borderlands game out there. The best part is that we are seeing all five episodes out there on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. Although it is a little odd to say it that way since the episodic release is not happening out there. I am pretty sure this is just the game but with it having five chapters to experience. Nostalgia is a weird thing out there.

Just as we always get with the launches of titles out there, we have a new trailer to look at for the New Tales From The Borderlands. Some of it to further show us what is going on in the game and the characters we are going to experience. All of which seem to lean a little much into the normal Borderlands theme, but if the storytelling is done well, it can be a good time. There is a huge hurdle to get over with the previous title out there, but we can dive in and see how it all goes for now. Have a look and see if you are ready to throw down for it all after you finish reading.

New Tales From The Borderlands — Launch Trailer

A tale of 3 lovable losers — Anu, Fran, & Octavio on the rise from total failures to the stuff of legends.

Make mayhem your business, All 5 episodes of New Tales From The Borderlands are out now!

Have you been hyped up for the release of the New Tales From The Borderlands to drop out there or have you been cautious given how things panned out? Do you think we will have new lovable characters here or will they be some you want to forget? How will this build into the bigger narrative out there or will it be something that holds on its own only? Let the universe know what is on your mind by taking to the comments and let the discussion flow out there. If we have more to offer up for New Tales From The Borderlands, just know that we will share it all here for you. That and all kinds of other things to drop out there for other titles.

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