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Don Your Detective Cap Soon To Solve The Mystery Of Jessika

Don Your Detective Cap Soon To Solve The Mystery Of Jessika


The release date for Jessika is now set for us to go through the FMV mystery to solve what happened to the titular Jessika

You may or may not remember the announcement we had for the indie title we have coming up called Jessika. This would be the FMV title we brought you not too long ago after Tri Trie Games dropped us the announcement and showing for it on the PC. It looked interesting and could be a new fun experience to go through here soon. Soon being August 25th now, as we have the official release date set down for Jessika now for you to pick up on Steam. It does not seem too shocking given the style of the game this is but it is always good to have a date sooner than later.

If you are unaware of Jessika before now, you can spot the original announcement trailer just a bit lower down to get the look and feel in your head. There will be a lot of sleuthing going down and various other things to solve this possible suicide or homicide. It could lead us to some interesting twists along the way or it could lead us down the path of the most obvious answer. If Jessika does the mystery correctly, we will be guessing all the way to the end. Thankfully, we do not have that long to wait now to figure it all out.

Jessika — Announcement

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Tri Trie Games are thrilled to announce today that their investigative full-motion video (FMV) game Jessika will launch on Steam this summer. Jessika is an intensely emotional and intimate FMV role-playing experience where you, as a private investigator, must dig through the victim’s extensive digital footprint and locate video clips, audio files, and notes, all of which play a defining role in the series of unfortunate events that led to her untimely death.

Convinced of foul play, Jessika’s father has hired you to uncover the truth. What appears to be a textbook suicide — at least, at first — may prove to be your career-defining moment. With only your laptop and an unrivaled determination for unearthing the truth, you’ll need to locate clues and keywords embedded within Jessika’s tangled online presence to piece together what really happened.

Ready to immerse yourself in the mystery?

Where you interested in Jessika before now or is this the first time you are learning of this game? Do you think that we will get a solid twist in the story or will it play by the numbers all along the way? Do you miss these kinds of games from before or is this a form that should go into the history books for now? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all too. If there is more to share for Jessika, we will add it all to the site for you here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and more.

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