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Drop Dead: The Cabin Has Our First Look At The Latest Gameplay

Drop Dead: The Cabin Has Our First Look At The Latest Gameplay

Drop Dead: The Cabin

It is time to Drop Dead with the first gameplay out there for the upcoming VR title Drop Dead: The Cabin

The teasing is over for those not already in on the Beta testing for Drop Dead: The Cabin. We have some official gameplay to look at for the game with Soul Assembly walking us all through it all too. There is going to be a whole lot more going on with this zombie VR title set in the Drop Dead line of titles. If you are willing to don the VR headset out there and take on all of the various new obstacles and challenges that will be imposed by all of it. There does look like there will be a lot to do as we all wait for our safe extraction from the cabin we are held up in here.

Looking at the new gameplay we have for Drop Dead: The Cabin, we will not only need to head out to find weapons to shoot up all of the undead coming for us. We are also going to have to head out to find ways to keep the lights on and the power flowing in the mix of things too. It would be too easy for us to just set up a good defense and sit still for that extraction if this was not forced on us. We will have to find power cells and other ways to keep the lights on as our team will not come for us if we do not keep that going. All as we search the rest of the ground in Drop Dead: The Cabin to figure out the best tactics and what has been causing all of the issues out there. Have a look and then see if you can get in on the Beta that is currently underway.

Drop Dead: The Cabin — First Gameplay & Developer Update

A developer update and first look at gameplay of Drop Dead: The Cabin, releasing February 2023.

Indie studio Soul Assembly is pleased to reveal its survival shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin is coming to Meta Quest 2 later this year. It takes everything you loved about Drop Dead’s zombie shooting and fleshes it out into a rousing, strategic co-op shooter full of variety.

Drop Dead: The Cabin puts players in the role of two backpackers lost in the woods looking for somewhere to hunker down. Fortuitously they come across a mysterious abandoned Cabin. Little did your wayward hikers realize that this life-saving shelter was home to mad scientist Dr. Monday, and the undead monstrosities he wrought to life.

In order to survive the night and make your escape, you’ll have to not only fight off the legion of the dead but also strive to maintain power, lighting, and communications systems in and around the cabin. Fail to keep the power generator repaired and topped up with fuel, the lights will turn off, making the zombies, deadlier and harder to see. Teamwork is essential, and an effective fireteam will know when to stay together, when to split up, and when to have one person perch on the cabin roof offering support fire for their partner.

Combat is fast, frenetic, and dynamic as you constantly shift from hunter to hunted. Using a physics-based interaction model and advanced haptics, you can grab your gun from its holster, slam in a mag, line up a headshot, and blast a zombie’s undead brains out! And if you’re finding yourself low on ammo, you can always grab a baseball bat and bludgeon your monstrous foes to death. Earn XP by slaying enemies to increase your attributes and become the ultimate zombie killer!

Easy to play, difficult to master, surviving the Cabin is extremely challenging. No two playthroughs will ever be the same, as objectives, encounters, key locations, and pickups are remixed each run. With a run length suitable for multiplayer and VR comfort, each session is designed to be a unique, harrowing challenge.

Have you been playing the Drop Dead: The Cabin Beta up to now or will this be the thing that pulls you into it all now? Do you like the fact that we will not be able to just sit still or would you rather have the option to do so? What other features and gameplay elements do you want to see added to this VR experience here? Put all of your thoughts and comments down below and then feel free to discuss it all. If we have anything more to share for Drop Dead: The Cabin, it will be added on the site for you all. Please keep a close eye on the site for all of that and much, much more out there.

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