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Drop Dead: The Cabin Is Set Up To Take Us Into A Horror VR Space

Drop Dead: The Cabin Is Set Up To Take Us Into A Horror VR Space

Drop Dead: The Cabin

Get ready to Drop Dead with the next big VR title on the way to us all with the teaser for Drop Dead: The Cabin

Here we go back into another cabin the woods scenario with the tease and set up for Drop Dead: The Cabin to come to the Meta Quest out there. A new title that Soul Assembly is putting together that will have us surviving until dawn in a mysterious cabin in the woods with the VR space. Thankfully, it shifts away from the normal tropes and uses that other titles have been using for years so Drop Dead: The Cabin can try to stand on its own instead. Even if it still ends up with us trying to survive many waves of the undead while hunkered down in a cabin that is not what it seems. Let us see if we can move away from using that word too many more times beyond the game’s name now.

In Drop Dead: The Cabin, we will certainly be facing off with many different undead out there since the building is housed by a mad scientist too. While we play in co-op, though, we will need to keep the lights on and all of the communications flowing in the mix of it all too. If we let them slip at all, the undead will be much hard to see and kill. I guess this is why they will also be heading to the systems to cause damage and shut it all down. Drop Dead: The Cabin will certainly make sure we are all playing as a team and not trying to be a lone wolf out there and going all guns-akimbo. Have a look and see what is on the way soon. Even sooner if you want to sign up for the beta for the game well before the full launch.

Drop Dead: The Cabin VR — Teaser

Indie studio Soul Assembly is pleased to reveal its survival shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin is coming to Meta Quest 2 later this year. It takes everything you loved about Drop Dead’s zombie shooting and fleshes it out into a rousing, strategic co-op shooter full of variety.

Drop Dead: The Cabin puts players in the role of two backpackers lost in the woods looking for somewhere to hunker down. Fortuitously they come across a mysterious abandoned Cabin. Little did your wayward hikers realize that this life-saving shelter was home to mad scientist Dr. Monday, and the undead monstrosities he wrought to life.

In order to survive the night and make your escape, you’ll have to not only fight off the legion of the dead but also strive to maintain power, lighting, and communications systems in and around the cabin. Fail to keep the power generator repaired and topped up with fuel, the lights will turn off, making the zombies, deadlier and harder to see. Teamwork is essential, and an effective fireteam will know when to stay together, when to split up, and when to have one person perch on the cabin roof offering support fire for their partner.

Combat is fast, frenetic, and dynamic as you constantly shift from hunter to hunted. Using a physics-based interaction model and advanced haptics, you can grab your gun from its holster, slam in a mag, line up a headshot, and blast a zombie’s undead brains out! And if you’re finding yourself low on ammo, you can always grab a baseball bat and bludgeon your monstrous foes to death. Earn XP by slaying enemies to increase your attributes and become the ultimate zombie killer!

Easy to play, difficult to master, surviving the Cabin is extremely challenging. No two playthroughs will ever be the same, as objectives, encounters, key locations, and pickups are remixed each run. With a run length suitable for multiplayer and VR comfort, each session is designed to be a unique, harrowing challenge.

How do you feel about Drop Dead: The Cabin and how it will be forcing more of the co-op in the VR space? Do you think this will devolve into just a wave survival game or will the various other elements keep it fresh? How long do you think it will be in the beta form before we get the full launch out there? Tell us all down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. More for Drop Dead: The Cabin should be on the way to us all. Just keep checking back in here for all of that and everything else that we will be sharing here.

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