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Dying Light 2’s Comic Is Out There To Experience The Early Chaos

Dying Light 2’s Comic Is Out There To Experience The Early Chaos

Dying Light 2

The comic prequel for Dying Light 2 is out there with a new trailer showing off how it builds into the core of Dying Light

We had it teased and slightly offered up with the last Dying Light 2: Did You Know showcase, and now we have a little more to look at for the digital comic coming to prequel the game. In fact, if you are not looking to wait any more and need it now, the comic is out there to read and enjoy right now. The best part is that it is out there to enjoy for free. At least until July 15th when it will be placed away and we will have to find other ways to explore the Dying Light universe that does not require us to spin up the game again. I am not sure why we would not just do that, besides the fact that this new comic will be filling in some of the story and gaps that we have had and lead us into the next big video game in the line. There is that for now…

There is a new trailer to show it all off with a few spoilers on how things will go, but Dying Light 2 — Banshee: I Am The Cure is currently out there on techlandgg.com to get started. It looks like it will dive down the usual trope of humans manipulating animals to accidentally cause the outbreak. Those animals get released through means and in an attempt to cover it all up, it spreads throughout the entire area of Dying Light‘s Harran to set up the first game. How this will build into the new title that is coming in December is still yet to be seen, but I am sure it will in some way. If nothing else, it will keep us all hyped up and ready to dive into when it does come and possibly offer some kinds of answers too.

Dying Light 2 — Banshee: I Am The Cure

Banshee: I Am The Cure is written by Mariusz Pitura that is the lead writer of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The artist of the comic book is Adam Markiewicz.

The story takes place during the critical moment where the Harran Virus from the original Dying Light game got out of control. The setting is an unknown city as the army attempts to research a cure for the dangerous virus. While the scientists research the virus, disaster strikes, and the stage is set for human civilization to fall and create the world, which will be presented to players in the sequel.

The comic book is available for free on http://TechlandGG.com

Have you always wondered how the outbreak truly started in Dying Light and are ready for some answers? Given the name Banshee for the name here, could this be building up to one of the new infected we might see in the coming title? How else do you think this is going to build into the bigger story besides showing how it all started? Feel free to tell us all of that down in the comments. More for Dying Light 2 will be out there, as well as for the comic, and I am sure we will share it all as we get it. Check back here for all of that and everything else that we have to offer on the site.

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