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Dying Light — Hellraid Will Have Us Inserting Our Souls This July

Dying Light — Hellraid Will Have Us Inserting Our Souls This July

Dying Light

The Dying Light — Hellraid DLC has been given a release date with Dying Light getting its dark fantasy this coming July

It looks like we have a release date for that dark fantasy coming to Dying Light called Hellraid. Those holding out to see how Techland is going to work this all into their game after five amazing years will only have to wait just a bit longer as it looks like we will now see it on July 23rd. Sure, it is not going to be a Dying Light 2 update or anything, but it something to help hold us over on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC until that game is ready to go. Not to mention that it will use many of the familiar combat tactics we have enjoyed and placed us into a different scenario to explore and have fun with. Just as good video games should always do.

It looks like Hellraid will also offer up a few other fun bits for those still looking to enjoy their Dying Light in general as well. We will be able to play these missions in the DLC with up to four players and have a whole different array of weapons we can use along the way. Weapons that we can bring back out of this DLC and into the core of Dying Light by finding coins and unlocking them along the way. How this will be explained in the lore of the game is still yet to be seen, but it will be a thing. Given that this is all mystical and not the science-based we have seen, I have a feeling it is going to just be Video Game Magic as the explanation. I guess we will only have to wait a short time to see.

Dying Light — Hellraid

Hellraid DLC will cast you to another realm!

Dying LightHellraid will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on July 23.

Over five years after the release, Dying Light is getting an exciting DLC that’s bound to refresh your experience with the game. Get ready for an entirely new game mode based on our currently-on-hold first-person dark fantasy slasher Hellraid. That’s right – dark fantasy!

You might wonder how we tied the DLC’s significantly different setting to Dying Light’s post-apocalyptic reality. The answer to that question is a strange device found in the Tower’s basement after an odd power outage. It looks like an arcade machine but in fact it’s a portal between worlds. Use it and you’ll emerge in a grim fortress overrun by Hell’s minions.

To keep the hellish setting consistent, we’ve populated the stronghold with completely new demonic enemies and designed an array of fitting fantasy weapons to slay them with. Hellraid comes with its own progression system and you’ll have to improve your rank to unlock new swords, hammers, and axes. These are more than just pieces of equipment – they’re trophies. Each run through the dungeon will reward you with coins that you can spend to proudly wield Hellraid weapons in Harran. Every time you revisit the fortress, you’ll have a choice to increase the prize by picking up bounties. Whether you choose to test your skills alone or in co-op (up to 4 people), you’ll face a considerable challenge.

Are you still amped up for Hellraid to hit Dying Light or have you put that title down for too long to get back in? Do you like the fact that we will be able to cross our weapons back out of the DLC to the core game or would you rather keep it all separate? Do you think that this is just a holding place until the next big title is dropped on us or will we see more DLC like this in the future? Let us and the world out there know what is on your mind down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for Dying Light or Hellraid, we will add it to the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.

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