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ELEX II Will Task Us To Free The People Of Magalan Once More

ELEX II Will Task Us To Free The People Of Magalan Once More


ELEX II had a new story trailer release to shows us what to expect after the events of the previous ELEX

It was announced back at E3 this year and now we have more to the story for ELEX II to take in. Not in a way that will fully spoil what Piranha Bytes in the works, but to give us the broadest of strokes when it comes to what is going on in the game. It would be a horrible call to tell us most of the story in one shot here after all. Even if it does look like ELEX II is going to have us all following along with the normal saving the world and people storyline that these kinds of titles all have. That is not a dig at it and I am sure it will be a fun experience, but it is the basis of so many stories out there that it would be refreshing to finally get some major deviations to it. I am getting off the main topic for you now, though…

With all the joking aside, ELEX II looks to have us back in the saddle to unite and free the populace of the planet from a new impending threat. One that looks like it will come in and totally annihilate everyone still alive and not just have other things happen to them. That is the assumption we get here from our protagonist being hunted down and brought to the brink of death with the narrative overlayed on it all. Things in ELEX II could be vastly different at launch, but that is what we have here beyond what was mentioned above. You can see and hear all of that just a bit lower down as we all wait for new gameplay to hit and other new aspects to the game land out there. Have a look and enjoy it all.

ELEX II — Story

From the team that brought you the legendary Gothic and Risen series, comes a glimpse into the story of the upcoming open-world RPG: ELEX II.

Unite the free people of Magalan against a looming threat. The Skyanides are coming and want to change the face of the planet forever. But some people are not so easily convinced…

ELEX II is coming soon to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, and Xbox One.

How are you feeling after seeing the latest story elements in the world of ELEX? Do you think we are going to have a by-the-numbers hero saves the world story or will there be something different in the mix? Will you keep playing all of these kinds of games no matter the story as long as the gameplay offers up all of the fun? Tell us all of those thoughts and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it as you wish. We will share all that we have for ELEX II as it rolls out there, so be sure to watch the site and our channels to not miss a single update or change.

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