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Endzone: A World Apart Mixing Things Up With Some New Scenarios

Endzone: A World Apart Mixing Things Up With Some New Scenarios

Endzone: A World Apart

A new update for Endzone: A World Apart is bringing some new and challenging scenarios for our Endzone survivors to make it through

We have a new update out there for those enjoying the Early Access for Endzone: A World Apart as we have scenarios added in among other updates. These would be new little events that Gentlymad Studios has placed in the game for us to try to survive on top of the normal version of the post-apocalypse issues. More or less, new challenges for us to weather out in Endzone to help keep the game feeling fresh and less repetitive along the way. Things would get rather boring if you were just out there harvesting supplies and resources with nothing to make things a bit of a challenge besides waiting in real-time. That is where the scenarios come in.

What we have here in the latest for Endzone is a scenario called the ‘Long Summer’ where players will need to survive long bouts of drought and heatwaves. Something that can cripple a community fairly quickly if they are not ready for it. Thankfully, but not truly, it looks like there will be small reprieves mixed in to the harsh weather so you can try to rebuild stores and resources before getting hammered again. It will be a bit of a cycle to see if you have truly built the best way in Endzone to keep everyone alive and working. It is a cool little bit and you can see how it will flow just a bit lower down.

Endzone: A World Apart — Scenarios

The apocalypse is looking a little brighter, as Assemble Entertainment has announced an extensive new update to the highly successful post-apocalyptic city-builder Endzone: A World Apart. As part of the update, players will face new challenges in the irradiated wastelands, as they strive to build a thriving home for their followers.

The update brings new Scenarios, which introduce modified win conditions that challenge players to experience the game with various objectives that can significantly increase the difficulty of a particular play style. If you thought the unforgiving environments were tough before, it’s only just beginning.

Additionally, players can now choose between a “pre-built” playing experience with the option to start in Easy Mode, Builder Mode, or Hard Mode, or fine-tune the most minute gameplay details, such as increased instances of diseases, the population’s food consumption, and radiation levels. This apocalypse is about to get personal!

Key Update Features Include:

  • The ‘Long Summer’ Scenario sees players battling a harsh and seemingly never-ending drought that requires intense food and water stockpile preparation
  • Updated achievements have been added for each new Scenario, making completion of tasks and objectives even more satisfying
  • A statistics screen that details production, resource storage, population, and buildings has been added, along with a Scenario selection menu
  • Two new Outlander Side Missions are now available; players must upgrade the Town Center twice in order to unlock them
  • The tutorial now features voice-overs in both English and German languages

Do you agree that these kinds of scenarios needed to be mixed into Endzone to keep it all feeling fresh or were you happy just with the basics? Did you expect these to be something a bit more menacing or do they hit just as hard as they should? What other scenarios do you want to see added into the game along the way or would you rather have community-made ones? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for Endzone: A World Apart, you know we will have it all here for you. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more.

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