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Etched Memories Brings Us Some Horror In The Way Of A Cat Simulation

Etched Memories Brings Us Some Horror In The Way Of A Cat Simulation

Etched Memories

A new indie horror game, Etched Memories, has a demo and proof of concept out with Etched Memories letting us play through the horrors of a lost cat

Talk about throwing things at a board and seeing what sticks, as we have the announcement of a new horror title called Etched Memories that will have us playing through in first and third-person as a cat. Not in the joking way that usually hits the internet for a while but in the way of the upcoming title out of From Scratch Studios. A small team that looks like they are taking their love and passion and giving us all Etched Memories on the PC. Something that is more than just an announcement with a demo for the game out there to show us all something on what the end goal of the game will be. So, if any of the rest of this sounds interesting to you, know you can give a slight play as soon as you are done reading.

In Etched Memories, we are taking on the role of Biscuit. A nice little heroic tabby cat that has lost his mom and has set out on the hunt to find her again through the memories he is clinging to. We will have to go through various different environments and be able to switch between perspectives as we so choose. The following trailer does not show much of the horror elements that Etched Memories is listed as having, but that could all be well hidden in the demo that is on Steam. That or the interesting website tie-in that is mixed into the demo that will require us to hunt around as Biscuit to go a bit further down the rabbit hole here. Have a look and then give this free demo a go to see if they are truly on to something here with this title.

Etched Memories — Demo Trailer

Waking up in the midst of a stormy night, a gray feline named Biscuit finds his mom nowhere in sight. Feel what it is like to be Biscuit as he searches for his mom through the memories he has clung onto.

Travel through a vast forest and rummage through items and documents to learn about the events that transpired. Unlock new mechanics as you experience important story moments.

Etched Memories is a first-person and third-person indie, horror, and cat simulation game. Switch perspectives at the click of a button, depending on your preference. This demo is intended to provide players a glimpse of what the full game will be like once development is complete.

What are your thoughts on the concept of Etched Memories here and do you think it will be something that captures the hearts and minds of many out there? Did you get excited over seeing a cat in a cape burst onto the scene in this trailer or will you base your thoughts on this demo? Is this the kind of horror title you have been waiting for or will it only be a fun internet fad as it feels like this is drawing inspiration from? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If there is more for Etched Memories, we will share it all here. Be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much more.

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