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Even More Rumors For The Next Assassin’s Creed Title Have Popped Up

Even More Rumors For The Next Assassin’s Creed Title Have Popped Up

Assassin’s Creed

New rumors for the next Assassin’s Creed title give it a name change, story details, and an RPG-like system for Assassin’s Creed now

It is time to add even more rumors out there for the next Assassin’s Creed title that is on its way to us at some point. I am almost certain that all of the secrecy that Ubisoft has behind this title is one of the driving forces behind all of this, but that isn’t why you are here right now. You want to know what could be possibly going on with the next Assassin’s Creed title. You may have noticed that I left off the Empire subtitle that was the previous rumored name from before. That is because the first rumor we have here is that the new subtitle is Origins; thankfully we aren’t talking about a remaster of the first game in this case.

As those mysterious “Sources” out there do, it looks like they are pointing us that the next title in the franchise will be named Assassin’s Creed: Origins. It is still rumored to take place in ancient Egypt and given the name it looks like it could be showing us all how the Creed came into existence in the first place. Sounds about right if the rumors are true. Building from that though is the fact that this Assassin’s Creed title will again focus on exploration and Egypt may not be the only location that we head off to and murder a bunch of people. Especially since it looks like Naval Combat will be back and thus opening up all kinds of lands to sail off to.

Another part of the new rumor is that this Assassin’s Creed title will also give us a male and female protagonist much like we saw in Syndicate. Again, purely speculation but with that being one of the points that truly helped out in that game I would not be surprised if that truly pans out. As long as we don’t keep getting twins or siblings as the reason as there are many reasons men and women would join forces to go on killing sprees. As the recent Assassin’s Creed film showed us, they can do so because their missions require it or have some love story mixed into it all.

The last rumor we have here is that is Assassin’s Creed title could also have a progression system that is not like any we’ve seen in the franchise’s past. In fact, it has been speculated to be a bit more like that of Skyrim were we can progress the character or characters and not be completely tied to the main story to do so. I’m not sure how that spawns a full RPG style of progression as many think it does, especially given that the other Assassin’s Creed titles let us progress in specific ways without story, but that is what is currently floating out there. Take it all in as you will.

As the name implies, the story of Origins is rumored to involve the original assassin’s guild within the brotherhood. In addition, speculation points in the direction of two main characters, a man and a woman—similar to the protagonists in Syndicate.

If the possibility of an imminent return of an Assassin’s Creed game is not exciting enough, sources also claim the game’s structure will be similar to that of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, “featuring a character progression system less tied to the story.”

Similar to previous titles, exploration will be a central component to Origins. However, exploration is said to be much more heavily emphasized than in previous titles, and Origins is “the biggest Assassin’s Creed the company has ever created.” Moreover, not only is ancient Egypt at the core of Origins’ content, but rumors claim that players will be able to venture beyond Egypt—perhaps to Greece.

Playing off the success of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, sailing and naval combat are said to be returning in Origins.


I’m not going to say I wouldn’t be interested in seeing an Assassin’s Creed: Origins game out there or one that spans a more open world with other lands than a few specified. I just know that all of this is coming from mysterious sources and not Ubisoft directly so talk it all in with a bit of salt. If there is one part that seems spot-on for all of these rumors and conjecture, it is that we will see this Assassin’s Creed title shown off at E3 with a hopeful release of November this year. That part at least seems logical and likely unless they opt to take a second year off to make sure they don’t give us Unity or Syndicate again. I think that would spell death for the franchise.

What are your thoughts on these new rumors for Assassin’s Creed though? Do you think that we will see an Origins story for the Creed or will it just have a nice Egyptian setting and not much more? Do you think we could see a full RPG style of progression in the game or would that takeaway from what we all fell in love with in the first place? Let us know your thoughts on all of this and more down in the comments. Of course, as we learn more on the next Assassin’s Creed title we will have it for you. I’m going to guess that E3 will be the time we get some real news and no more rumors, so be sure to keep checking in to see all of that.

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