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Evil Dead: The Game Is Ready For Us All To Burn Them Down

Evil Dead: The Game Is Ready For Us All To Burn Them Down

Evil Dead: The Game

Another new bit for Evil Dead: The Game is here and it is a new music video to highlight a little bit of Evil Dead again

It looks like there is no sign that Evil Dead: The Game is going to slow down with all of the fun it is pumping out there, and here we go with a little more. Something that you might have already heard in the background of the game yet something not every player will have caught. This is the music that goes on during the Plaguebringer Boss Battle in the Henry The Red single-player mission. Some of that sweet DLC that Evil Dead: The Game has out there on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. If you have opted into it all from the start and are still keeping up on all of it until today. Here we go with a solid listen to what you might have missed out there.

This song, called Burn Them Down, lifts a lot of themes from the game and elements from the Evil Dead IP while also being some great boss battle music too. Now, we have a video that not only hypes up this new mission out there but lets those that want to learn more about it all have a chance to see the words of the song and listen to it without needing to fight their way through the mission each time. It might be on that still-to-ship album that Collector’s Edition owners are waiting for, but since it is for DLC for Evil Dead: The Game, this might be the only way we will be able to get it from Boss Team Games. No matter the case, here we go with some fun visuals to go along in the background of the music we have to hear too.

Evil Dead: The Game — Burn Them Down

“Burn Them Down,” an all-new, original song produced and mixed by Steve Molitz, Evil Dead: The Game Composer and Music Director at Saber Interactive. This song was exclusively created for the Plaguebringer Boss Battle in the Henry The Red single-player mission ‘Out of Tricks’ for Evil Dead: The Game.

Music Credits:

  • Produced and Mixed By Steve Molitz
  • Kito Bovenschulte – Drums
  • Chris Deletto – Vocals
  • Ryan Liatsis – Guitar & Bass
  • Steve Molitz – Keyboards & Sound Design

Have you heard this song in Evil Dead: The Game already or did it just play in the background and you had no clue? Do you think this will be on that album many are still waiting for or will it only be in this digital format if you want to hear it outside of the game at all? Did you know there were lyrics to all of this from the game or is this all a nice surprise to have here for all of this? Please feel free to let us and the world know what you are thinking in the comment sections. As more for Evil Dead: The Game is released, know we will keep sharing it with you as fast as we can. Just be sure to keep a close eye on our socials and the site for all of those updates still to come.

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