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Evil Dead: The Game Is Ready For You To Hail To The King

Evil Dead: The Game Is Ready For You To Hail To The King

Evil Dead: The Game

The next big update for Evil Dead: The Game is here to add a smaller character from the Evil Dead line into the fight

It is time to take more control and kick more Deadite ass in Evil Dead: The Game with the latest update that is now here. Just in time for Halloween to go off with a band and some boomstick from Boss Team Games. The Hail To The King update is out for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC players that are still diving into it all. Just the perfect little bit of extra to add in for those looking to have their Evil Dead marathon have a solid cap that keeps on giving the fun of the IP. Unlike the show and films out there, this one keeps on ticking away and giving us more of what we fans truly want out there.

This update is out there as part of the Season Pass for those that picked it up for Evil Dead: The Game from the start or for those that want to buy it as a standalone option in the mix. It will add in a new survivor (The Blacksmith), a new single-player mission, and various other premium outfits for us all to wear in the game. For those that are not looking to spend more on Evil Dead: The Game, though, this update will bring a few little things for us to enjoy too. Mainly with the rapid-fire crossbow and quarterstaff landing in the game at various drops on the maps. Just what we all need to head out there and make sure this scum does not ruin any of our plans out there. Also to give us some more fun to enjoy while sitting at home and throwing candy at the kiddos that choose to knock on doors still.

Evil Dead: The Game — Hail To The King Update

The Hail to the King Update is now live for Evil Dead: The Game!

Take control of the new Survivor: The Blacksmith, experience a new single-player mission, and suit up with a host of premium outfits.

The Hail to the King Bundle will be available to Season Pass owners or as a standalone purchase for $9.99 and includes the Blacksmith as well as five bonus outfits for Ash, Henry the Red, and Lord Arthur, including a special Ash Halloween Outfit.

A hybrid support hero with some warrior characteristics, the Blacksmith is a master with all melee weapons but is unable to use ranged weapons. His special ability lets players generate random weapons for the entire team with scrap collected around the battlefield. The update also includes two new weapons – the rapid-fire crossbow ranged weapon and the quarterstaff melee weapon. And a new single-player side mission for all players: Kandar’s Witch has opened a rift in time and space at Castle Kandar, and if repelling the hordes of Hades wasn’t enough of a challenge, Henry the Red must put her to the sword and save the entire universe.

Was this the character from the Evil Dead IP that you wanted to see come to life in the game or do you still want someone else to make it in? Do all of these new weapons look balanced perfectly for you or does it feel like the crossbow could be a true heavy hitter in the mix? What do you think will be coming in the next big update out there and will it be another map or iconic character for us to use in the match? Tell us your thoughts on all of this in the comments and then discuss it until the game has been downloaded. There will be more for Evil Dead: The Game, for sure, and we will have all of that on the site for you as soon as we can. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we have to share.

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