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Evil Dead: The Game Will Be Bringing Forth A New Plaguebringer

Evil Dead: The Game Will Be Bringing Forth A New Plaguebringer

Evil Dead: The Game

A new demon is coming for Evil Dead: The Game and it is another from the long history of the Evil Dead IP

A new class of demon is on the way to us for Evil Dead: The Game next month in addition to Mia, which we had confirmed last week. You should take note that it says new class and not just a new skin with this demon, presumably, bringing a few new game elements in from Boss Team Games and further the evolution of the matches. Even though it is hard to tell from the basic announcement on just what we are going to get, the name Plaguebringer and what we can scrape from the past Evil Dead films, could point us closer to what we are about to get. All of which is something that looks like they will be perfectly fine roaming the Castle Kandar location we have been enjoying for a while now.

As the name and look suggest, this demon will most likely have some AoE effects and other debuffing powers to add into Evil Dead: The Game. That would be my best guess given the design being lifted from the Army Of Darkness looks and what the name suggests. It also looks like the minions for this demon will be more on the brute side of things, so this also lends to the main demon not being as physically imposing and more on making it easier for the others to deal damage. Given that all of this is supposed to hit Evil Dead: The Game in September, I have a feeling we are close to getting a gameplay video to show just how the demon and survivor will add to the game and keep us all out there with our boomsticks.

How do you think this new demon will truly function in Evil Dead: The Game and are we way off on how it will be in the end? Do you think these brutes will finally get their pits to fit in or would that require too much of the map to change too? When do you think we will see all of them in September and will it be closer to the end to hit the spooky season correctly? Tell us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. More for Evil Dead: The Game will be coming, so keep a close eye on the site for all of that. You will not want to miss a single thing here.

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