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A Not-So-Exclusive Look At The Burial At Sea: Episode Two

A Not-So-Exclusive Look At The Burial At Sea: Episode Two

BioShock Infinite

The second episode of the Burial At Sea DLC of BioShock Infinite has a new and ‘Exclusive’ trailer out. If you don’t care about minor spoilers then check it out.

I will still go on record and state that I was not a big fan of the BioShock Infinite story but the Burial At Sea DLC has kind of attracted my interest. Not because it is back in rapture, but it seems to have what the first two titles had; an interesting and creative storyline. Granted I have yet to play the DLC yet and only have the trailers to work off so I could be way wrong. This brings me back to the point and the new ‘exclusive-to-any-and-all-sites-also-all-users-of-the-internet’ trailer. Damn that was a long name. Can’t really be exclusive when anyone can have it to post huh?

I digress.

I will warn you before you venture on to watch the trailer, even it declares SPOILER ALERT. It is what looks to be a small clip from some part of the new Burial At Sea episode that looks to either have something that happens during the new episode or builds off the last episode. Like I said, I have yet to play the DLC yet so I can’t tell for certain. All I can tell is that it looks to be an intriguing story and hopefully a good addition to the overall game.

There is still no release window for Burial At Sea episode two outside of “coming soon” just in case you were planning on watching just for that and try not to spoil anything. If you have no care for spoilers and are interested, feel free to click away on the video. It is waiting for that precious click and watch. But of course, do enjoy it none the less.

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