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Fans Are Turning To Harassment To Get Half Life 3

Fans Are Turning To Harassment To Get Half Life 3

Half Life 3

A group of marketing firm employees are looking to fund a campaign to try and force Valve to make Half Life 3 sooner

It is well known that fans out there want Half Life 3 to come from Valve. It’s been something I’ve heard begged to come to fruition for some many years now and Valve keeps working on other things. This of course leads us into all the complaints that they are not giving us what we want. Well you can sit well no knowing that McKee Wallwork & Co, a marketing firm, has set the goal to raise funds to try and coerce Valve into bringing Half Life 3 sooner rather than later; or at all.

Yes, this firm is looking to use Indiegogo to raise funds from all the fans out there to set up Google AdWord campaigns and roving billboards to drive around the Valve offices to get Half Life 3 made. The campaign is even looking to go as far as hiring Gabe look-a-likes to go into the Valve headquarters wearing shirts stating that they want Half Life 3 made. Yes, they are looking to take your money to try and harass the developer to make something they most likely have ready to start development on or plan to at some point.

Are you kidding me? Yes it is supposed to use the fact that Valve generally listens to its fans and takes the appropriate steps to appease them but these guys are looking to take our money to do something we can all do. All in the guise of saying that the rabid fans have not done enough to show Valve that you want Half Life 3 made. If I was one of those fans looking to have the game made I would be offended that my love for Half Life and want of Half Life 3 to be made was brought into question.

Here, have a look at the We Want Half Life 3 campaign ad.

Half Life 3 — We Want Half Life 3

Well doesn’t this scream SCAM all over it? If Valve isn’t aware that the fans want Half Life 3 yet then this campaign isn’t going to get it made any faster because I’ve seen TRUE FANS do just what they’ve described at almost every convention that Valve has ever been at. I think “When is Half Life 3 coming?” is the number one question I hear all the time. Even to people who couldn’t answer the question if they were allowed to. These people are just trying to panhandle to your laziness and stupidity if you actually fall for this.

I get that you all want Half Life 3 to be made but this kind of harassment isn’t going to get it made any faster than what all the fans at PAX, SDCC, or anything else do to express themselves. Please let this fail and in turn if you want Half Life 3 to be made save yourself the money and just post to Valve’s forums and email them directly. Do we really need a marketing campaign to try and force a team to make a title that they want to make at their own speed?

Half Life 3

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