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Far Cry 5 Adds Its Own Rights To The Main Bill Of Rights

Far Cry 5 Adds Its Own Rights To The Main Bill Of Rights

Far Cry 5

We get a feel for more of what we can do in Far Cry 5 as we have yet another trailer to look at just before Far Cry 5 finally launches

Add one more gameplay trailer for Far Cry 5 to the list as we have yet another to show us more of the insanity that we will be able to cause or experience in the game. It is no hidden thing that Ubisoft was bringing all kinds of madness to us for this game, but now we get to add a bit more than we may not have known. We are talking things like arming bear and other animals as well as having a chance to use a thresher to run people down in Far Cry 5 with. It was easily assumed things like that would be in there, but here we go getting to see it in action. All of the fun with a little bit of the wait now.

Most of what we have here is not completely new for Far Cry 5, but it is new to see. Unless you had no clue that you could do a fly over and drop bombs on people or shoot explosives and blow up a field of cows. I think that has to be the most entertaining thing I have seen in a while and cannot wait to get to do just that on March 27th. I am also sure that there will be even more insanity mixed into Far Cry 5 at the end of the day, but here we go with a bit more to further the hype and get us all on board with the game. It is all working for me.

Far Cry 5 — Bill Of Rights

Lawlessness is the new law in Hope County, anything goes when it comes to taking out cultists!

Are you just ready for Far Cry 5 to drop already or do you want to see more things like this before it officially launches? Will you be glad to try and arm bears in the game or will it be another aspect of the game that is sucking you in right now? What other insanity in the game do you think we will get to do that is not being shown in this video? Comment and discuss below with everyone. Keep an eye close to the site here for all things Far Cry 5, as we will have it big or small. You will be glad you did not miss out on a single morsel of information at the end.

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